Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kate Comes to Us From The Date

Kate AKA Jessica Biel

Many of you have been asking for an update on my sister Kim and The Date. I am sorry to report that as far as these things go, this one appears to be moving about as fast as a hundred year old tortoise. Hence, there is not much of anything to say.

Of course, it is important to recognize that Grettir and Kim had only one brief blind date just hours before she flew 1893 miles away, so what can we expect? She barely had time to recover from the shock that Grettir was an intelligent, personable, hunky human. And then she vanished. Like the money in my checking account.

But thankfully, the entire experience was not in vain. As a result of this little afternoon tryst, I have a new BFF: Kate. Kate may not be aware that she and I are BFFs, but after reading this, she'll be officially clued in. I "met" Kate as she is the loquacious friend of Grettir. And if you read the Comments of this blog, then you to know a little bit about Kate. Probably more than you want to know. And that is what makes Kate so endearing.

As far as I can tell she and I are two peas in a pod. She loves pink and purple and fuchsia. I am a red, black, white, dark brown and sometimes grey or green fan. So see, we both have favorite colors. She has a family of kitten children and I have a brood of human children. And the similarities do not stop there! Of course, I am not aware of any more similarities at this time, but I'm sure as we become even better BFFs we'll figure them out.

So while Grettir is rethinking Chili's versus a pancake establishment for his one and only date with Kim, I can rest in peace knowing at least someone got something out of the whole experience.


  1. Get her to fly back again! What's 1900 miles between a world ful of anxious bloggers waiting on The Next Chapter!

  2. So, your sister is single eh? *strokes chin*

  3. Uh, just a warning about being friends with people that dont know about the relationship... be prepared for some how would you say.... jail time...

  4. David,

    Excellent idea! Maybe everyone who is interested can Paypal me $5 toward the airline ticket!?

  5. Dan,

    Back away. You are too young for her anyway. Love ya though!

  6. Pope Terry,

    Excellent advice. Not sure it applies here. But excellent advice.

  7. Frank just left for Erie PA to pick up another horse. The map says he will be driving thru Kims home town. Shall I have him stop buy to say hello and get the scoop on her date?

  8. Joanne,

    I missed this comment. It is probably too late, but he should stop by my sisters any time he is that way!

  9. I am a very, very, VERY Bad BFF. I just stopped in TODAY, hoping that you'd had time to update since "A Cold Shoulder Welcome" and perhaps, just PERHAPS someone would laud and honour me on my ability to make soup...

    I was reading your interview (very impressive, harrumph, harrumph, harrumph), following the links to the "cell phone" post (OUTRAGE - very funny OUTRAGE) and the "Spanish Fark" post (guffaw, SNORT) and snickering at the "guacamole" debacle - and people wonder why I don't like guacamole – scrolling down a bit, and THERE WAS A PICTURE OF ME (everyone SHUT UP and let me have my dreams…It was GRETTIR’S idea anyway, trying to make me be quiet. It didn’t work.).

    I do not deserve such an honour, but I shall take it, nevertheless, and slither back into my dank and dark cave muttering, "My precious, my precious..."


    As for being two peas in a pod - I LOVE PEAS! I will admit that while I am fond of a nice shade of periwinkle or purple in the correct context and I come and go on pink, I do not love these shades nearly as much as my blog would attest. I ended up with the circus stripe design as the result of a long journey - one that starts with acknowledging that yellow and purple are complimentary colours. And it was more important than it sounds because of CANCER.

    I lived in black, more or less, for so many years (and not just as a musician, theatre thing - I love me some black). But I DID try to pump a little colour into my wardrobe because Stacy and Clinton said so. And I love YOUR colours because they are SO TOTALLY COOL. BFF!

    Oh – and while I’m not usually a strict vegetarian but so down with gun control and, in contrast to my BFF, would probably would be considered a tree-hugging liberal in may respects, I lived as an ULTRA vegan for a couple of months this summer while I was back East with my Baby Brother and his wife (I say ultra meaning no soy, even – but that’s a long story). At one point I got some soy to mix in my own green smoothie because I was a little concerned about the calcium.

    And while you are deeply spiritual/religious, I am an ordained clergy person! I have successfully performed the marriage rites for one couple (my brother and my lovely sister-in-law) who just celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

    I’ll leave it there for now. But thank you for noticing me (though some may assert that I make myself difficult to miss).

    Your BFF,
    And EVER,
    Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

  10. Kate,

    You are not a bad bff. I knew you'd mosey over some time. Never heard of soy as a no no for vegans. That is ultra!

    I can't believe all the ordained clergy that read this blog. One more I didn't even know about!


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