Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dead Headed

A Mother's Day gift is a precious and priceless show of love, adoration and affection.

Whether or not a mother is able to keep such treasure alive is no indication of her true feelings for D2 her child.


  1. i'm impressed that you still have it. you must love your children more than i love mine. i got the same flower pot from my first grader last year and it magically disappeared after a couple of weeks. thankfully, he hasn't noticed.

  2. Dear S1, S2, D1, D2 and D3,

    This message comes with lots of love and affection from the other side of the world.

    Mums are the most magical people in the world. They keep many things alive - hope, love, faith, creativity among them.

    Even if they cannot keep special plants alive, that is no reflection on their worth.

    You have very special, very committed parents. They might not be the world's greatest gardeners, but they are nurturing five wonderful young people ....

    God bless you all


  3. When a child I planted watermelon seeds in the summer and a vine started to grow. I forgot about it as the summer wore on... until the day my Mom asked me if I had checked the garden. To my amazement there was a huge watermelon! Little did I know until years later that Dad had bought a melon, cut a little hole and inserted the stem. Fooled me! This has become a warm hearted tradition passed down to fool the other kids in the family.

  4. Oh... I wrote all about ME in reply to your post. What I was getting to is: I don't think it will come back... sneak another plant into the pot. Tee-hee!

  5. Sometimes plants just don't wanna live. What can ya do?

  6. Michal,

    I;ve tried to do that before with other momentos, but D2 always finds then and pulls them from the refuse.

  7. David,

    Your comment is my children's new bedtime story. Even though most of them are outgrowing that tradition. It is a great reminder!

  8. Pope Terry,

    With your blessing, or a miracle, perhaps. Otherwise, it is gone I'm afraid.

  9. Chewy,

    Not a bad idea - I could tell her it was simply dormant for the summer.

  10. Dan,

    Most of my plants live. They just aren't happy. This one, however, has passed on to plant heaven and is certainly in a happier place than my potting soil.

  11. Welcome to the brown thumb club.

    I have a similar talent. Fortunately, most plants in our apartment survive due to my neighbour. Whenever the flora looks like it is starting to decline, we put it out next to our door, and the neighbour waters it along with his other plants out there (we share the landing). This has assisted in prolonging the lives of many of our plants.

    Fortunately we are better at keeping the pets!! ;)

  12. Ozlady,

    Your neighbor sounds almost as great as mine!

  13. fellow brown thumb here....
    Sissy Girl flopped herself down on my bedroom floor where she casually glanced under my bed and found a wadded up Mother's Day note from her. She was appalled. I said, "Well, I didn't throw it away.....I still have it!"
    You can't save everything.

  14. b.,

    I'm sure she was rightfully indignant. Mine have found such precious momentos in the garbage as well. Not a good thing.


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