Monday, August 6, 2007

A Cold Shoulder Welcome

I am pleased to introduce you to Trevor, my six-year old nephew from Phoenix, Arizona. This was our exchange yesterday as he climbed into my car at the Salt Lake International Airport.

Trevor: Boy is it good to be here!

Me: Really? Why's that?

Trevor: Because at my house it is cookin'.

I glanced at the car thermometer to confirm that it was a brisk 101 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. He wasnt wearing a Zoot Suit when he said that was he, sounds quite 1950's.

    Trevor: "Whoa this place is cookin, scuse me miss, but you just have to cut this rug with me"

  2. LOL - I heard Arizona was hot... sheesh.

  3. ... and I thought Australia was hot!

  4. Burberry handbag update - owner was tickled pink by your comment.

    Bag has been photographed and will be featured on blog in the next few days .....


  5. I, too, can cook soup; it's in my skill set.

    My most recent experience with Arizona involves a road trip with a good friend to go to a Wedding (we were invited, but it turns out they DIDN'T WANT US THERE ANYWAY - long story). She and I both had PMS (thanks for sharing, Kate), but we knew exactly when to maintain complete silence so that we didn't kill each other.

    It was late April or early May and it was about 7000 degrees Fahrenheit, 3871.1111 degrees Centigrade. That would make it 4144.2611 Kelvin, I believe.

    Yes, rather toasty. Had there been no air conditioning in the car I think we would have either died or simply killed each other first.

    Notwithstanding this experience, the very friend who accompanied me on that trip recently moved with her family to that Tempe/Phoenix/Scottsdale/London conglomerate. Another of my best friends moved their five or so years back. And people think that I am insane.

    Arizona Forever, NOT,
    Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  6. I still can't believe you woke your husband up for a picture!

  7. Adding to Craver's comment, I want to know what he thought of being woken for a picture that the world would see!

  8. When I was in SC we hit 103 a few times. Bleh, give me 50 degrees or give me death.

  9. To paraphrase Oliver Twist: Please, ma'am, can we have some more?

  10. Pope Terry,

    You've got that genre nailed!

  11. OzLady,

    Yes apparently it is hotter than we even imagined.

  12. David,

    Loved the pic of the bag. Very nice!

  13. Kate,

    Remind me to purchase a Fahrenheit to Centigrade to Kelvin conversion gadget for you for your birthday.

  14. Craver,

    Like you would not have been as willing for Mrs. Craver. Besides he had only barely fallen asleep.

  15. David,

    DH has given up on having any say about what is said or should I say spilled in this blog. Why should a sleepy-eyed picture be a problem?

  16. Dan,

    And that is why you will forever happily in the Windy City.

  17. David,

    Went out of town for another quick getaway at some friends' cabin. Trying to get a few last hurrahs before school starts. Back now though.

  18. Debbie,
    I am trying to link this post to one of my posts and can't get it to link specifically to the post--for some reason the url doesn't change for an individual posts. Any ideas how I can get around this? I do it all the time with other posts, but your blog doesn't cooperate.
    If you have no idea why, I'll understand, since I am less than technical myself and am only able to blog because it involves typing and clicking buttons that say "publish post."

  19. Michal,

    Try the following:

    Click on the post's title. That will bring up the post in its own window. The url will read:

    instead of:

    Next, you have a couple options. Since you use blogger, when composing your post, if you are on the Compose tab (not the Edit Html tab) type text like: Debbie's post, then higlight it, then click the Link icon (green globe with chain link). Now highlight the url such as

    Then paste it into the URL box for the hyper link, click OK and you are done.

    You probably knew most of all that, so sorry if it was too elementary.

    Also, be sure to read Chewy's post where she described how to enter the actual html for creating links.

    hope that helps. If not, feel free to email me directly - the link is in my profile.

  20. debbie,
    thanks for the help. the way you described is how i generally link somebody's post, but for some reason yours just shows up as regardless of which post i'm on. however, since you put the link in your comment, i was able to cut and paste that into mine. whew. it's probably just something screwing with my pc, since that is generally the problem when anything goes wrong!

  21. Michal,

    Click on the post title and you should get a speciifc url above. Thanks!


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