Friday, August 24, 2007

Love Is...Bearing All Things

If there is one thing I can't bear, it is typos. As a writer I try to produced well-edited manuscripts. However,
David, Suldog, and Janna have kindly notified me of some of my glaring mistakes in the past. Which I appreciate immensely.

However, occasionally a misspelling can make your point even better than you thought you were making it originally. Don't believe me? Here is one example:

Once upon a time I taught a Sunday School Class on marriage and family relationships. I was given this assignment because my marriage and family are perfect and ideal in every way. Either that or my Bishop (clergyman) knew I needed extra study regarding this subject matter on a weekly basis. The reason I was teaching the class does not matter.

What does matter is that in this role I found myself writing on a chalkboard frequently. If you are a so-so speller on paper or a computer screen, so-so turns to terrible on a chalkboard. The moment I picked up the soft white stick, all spelling sense was immediately soaked into the dry writing utensil.

One week I had listed several Biblical commandments on the board and we discussed how these could relate to marriage. One such charge found in I Corinthians 13:7 is to, "Bear all things."

However I wrote it on the blackboard with the brain cell sucking chalk as "Bare all things." Either out of kindness or spite, no one in the room said a thing. Until the end of class when I assigned a specific precept to each couple to work on for the week.

When I got to the Golly's I asked him if he and his wife would accept the challenge to "Bear all things," as I pointed on the blackboard to "Bare all things."

Naturally he had a big grin on his face and promised they, "definitely would" try to do so. When the snickers turned to outright laughter, I eventually realized my error.

But in hindsight, if bearing all things in your marriage is becoming a taxing chore, try baring all things. I'm not marriage counselor, but once upon a time I was a Sunday School teacher, and I'm certain both biddings possess positive benefits for a marriage.


  1. Imagine such thoughts from a Sunday School class - I'm mortified! Of course, I wish I had been part of it.

  2. THAT is awesome!
    So, you have been there...

  3. Suldog,

    You are invited to join me for Sunday School anytime. If for no other reason to catch spelling mistakes on the chalkboard.

  4. b.,

    I have been there so many times it is pathetic.

  5. Debbie, I so relate. I have been so embarrassed so many times with my typos. I have a very close friend that constantly corrects my spelling in our emails. He says he cannot believe that a woman in my position could be such a horrible speller. Spell check?

  6. Deb,

    I still dream of meeting someone who will love and cherish me and my kids as much as I would him. One day he will come, I am not losing hope.

    As long as the message is clear, don't worry about the typos!

    cheers! (I am back... it was fun to be home with family!)


  7. Hi Debbie,

    Cecilia's got it so right. We read your blog for pleasure, irrespective of the very rare typo - but I wish I'd been in that classroom!

    The sight would have been too much to bear!

  8. Just about to link to this post. Interesting snippet - gimme fve minutes ...

  9. I didnt think you could bare all in sunday school...

    Even after 15 years of schooling or so I still cant manage to spell properly, and forget grammar, I just hope most of my posts make sense.

  10. As a Bear I am probly too biast to comment.

    But hey, Debs!!! Weer joynte ferst on Authorblog's list!


    Hope yu hav as much fun frolickin abowt this as I do.


  11. Uh, you did notice that there was a typo in the first sentence of this post...right??? (grin) by way of David. I just can't get over the fact that you have 5 children! That is awesome...your home must be a lot of fun!! ;)

  12. Amen sister. That is sooooo funny! And wise at the same time.

  13. I love that Freudian slip. And you KNOW it was.

    It reminds me of a great story about my older sister. She'd made very careful preparations for a lesson for Relief Society (the women's group in her church) including a beautiful basket.

    My niece - very young at the time - decided that the basket needed a little "sumpin' sumpin'" and added quite a number of - uh - packaged prophylactics.

    My sister didn't notice until she was teaching.

    I think she should have passed them out as "favors,"
    Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

  14. Joanne,

    I still recall the first time someone in the 80's introduced me to spellcheck on WordPefect 4.2 or something. I thought it was the most magical thing ever! When they told me a grammar check was coming, I didn't believe it would ever happen.

  15. Cecilia,
    Great to have you back! And yes, I think the message was clear :-).

  16. Pope Terry,

    Not in Sunday School no. But who'd have thought it would be the class assignment?

  17. BT Bear,

    I am in excellent company. Thank you!

  18. Danielle,

    Reread the first sentence 18 times. Thanks!

  19. Compulsive,

    Thank you for recognizing the wisdom in it all.

  20. Kate,

    Why does Freud get all the credit for everything?

    Now those "favors" would have been worse than the muffins my sis-in-law passed around one fast Sunday. Then she asked why no one was eating theirs.


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