Saturday, January 30, 2010

Know When to Show Them (Show, as in the Big Screen, Partner)

My dear blog friend from Down Under, David McMahon, has suggested that if he were to cast a blog movie, I (as in yours truly) would play the part of the Wild West Gambler. Me: A movie star! Believe it - cause it's true. You can read all about it here.

As a former thespian I understand the importance of studying and preparing for a role. However, this character is one to which I can already completely relate. First, the obvious similarity. The name. Gamble/Gambler. We are already one in the same. And for the rest? I'm there. Almost entirely. Mostly. Pretty much. Somewhat. A little.

I do think it would be a kick to dress up in a plaid shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of supple Frye boots. Do movie stars get to keep the clothes? No matter. I'll make sure its in the contract.

Any other gaps between the Wild Gambler and I, can be easily bridged with a little tutoring from DH. While gambling is strictly prohibited in our religion. We personally believe playing a little cards with Jolly Ranchers is 'ok'. And to those that know him, it is no surprise that DH is the master of the questionable games.

Even without DH, I get most of it. I know that a full house is better than 4-of-a-kind. Or maybe 4-of-a-kind is better. Either way, I know they are both really good. And I know the red cards are diamonds and aces. And the black ones are shovels and those clover things. I can sing the chorus of the Kenny Roger's song by heart. So what else is there to learn? I got this.

Hollywood, here I come!