Monday, July 30, 2007

This is Me Being Humble

I am always right. Not sometimes right or even usually right. Always right. The sooner DH comes to accept this, the happier we'll both be.

I am so painful accurate in fact, that my personal slogan is, "You can agree with me or you can be wrong." I am never wrong.

Until a few days ago...

I mistakenly divulged that my sister Kim had kissed a blind date, on the first date, in the parking lot of a restaurant, after lunch. When she disagreed, I solicited back up from my sisters, most of whom agreed with me. But we recognized Kim had a reputation to uphold so she was probably denying the occurrence, though she knew for certain that it had happened.

And I feel for her. After all, the most recent blind date might be shocked and appalled at her promiscuity. Or jealous, wondering where he went wrong that he did not receive a likewise tender show of affection.

Then I spoke with another sister and slowly came to grips with the fact that I could have been mistaken.

The fellow was initially a blind date. And it was a kiss initiated by her. In a restaurant parking lot. But it might not have been a first date at a Mexican restaurant, but perhaps a second date at a pancake establishment? Or something similar.

I hate it when I wrong. I really do. But since I was somewhat incorrect in the details, I am sorry.
Kim, are we still friends?


  1. tee-hee. i love this "correction." clearly, whether or not the alleged kiss took place on a first or second date makes an enormous difference in kim's reputation!
    i am enjoying the story unfolding on both blogs,

  2. Michal,

    Apparently it does make a huge difference. How could I have been so mistaken?

  3. OH MY!! YOU NEED ONE MORE CORRECTION. Yes, there was a kiss in the parking lot at the Pancake establishment. I can not believe I am posting this on the internet. Do you know I do not share this... or like to admit it happened for a very simple reason.... I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT INITIATE THIS KISS. Nor would I have. If we remember the details of this.... After the first date, I was so done with this guy. He was funny - but WAY self absorbed (or so it appeared by the end of the first date). My dear, dear sisters, who were so hoping I would find love in the land of Utah, pack up my three children and all of our earthly belongings and move there - convinced me he was probably nervous and I should give him a second try. FOR SOME REASON I LISTENED TO THEM (I think I was hoping to prove them wrong)!! But, date two was much better. Until the end... HE INITIATED and I did not dodge fast enough. You realize - I don't admit to kissing him. He kissed me! And now it is posted on the world wide web for all to see! Let us quickly post another blog, and hope most of your readership is not reading on this Monday morning! And to give a clear idea... this was a most simple and SHORT kiss. As one might kiss their mother! Did Grettir request some sort of paybacks? Is that where this is coming from?

  4. Kim,

    There is nothing like getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Even if it took three large pictures to get your attention.

    Thank you for the clarification. I think we have all been set straight.

    And, no. None of this has anything to do with Grettir. I'm sure we scared him off long ago.

  5. Oh, and by the way...

    We have not given up on hoping you will find love in the land of Utah, pack up your three children and all of our earthly belongings and move here.

  6. 1- You lie about your age. 38? Puh-leaze. More like 26, my age.

    2- See #1.

    3-C'mon, a kiss on a first date isn't THAT big of a deal kid =)

  7. Dan,

    Allow me to respond to your comments:

    #1 - I think that is a compliment. Thank you.

    #2 - See #1.

    #3 - A kiss on the first date is a big deal when the person bestowing the kiss later denies it.

    BY THE WAY - KIM CALLED ME THIS AFTERNOON AND FINALLY REMEMBERS THE KISS. That means I was right all along. See. I'm always right!

  8. Must not have been that great of a kiss to forget it. LOL!

    You two sisters are just too cute! I don't have a real sister. (sniff) My best friend and I pretend we're sisters... and we're in our forties!

  9. Let's be clear here - The KISS WAS ON THE CHEEK!


    Love ya Deb!!!!

  10. VERY good-lookin' genes in your family.

  11. We must be in the same family, as I am always right too. Of course that would be because of my last name. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    That is a lovely baby, none of the newborn head squishiness, at least not in the picture.

  12. I'm just SOOOO glad that I revealed a number of past indiscretions "in case they made Kim feel better" about some sort of possible first date kiss she may have forgotten. Fine, I'm a MILD stumpet/tart/floozy (take your pick). Now you may all feel superior and chaste(r).

    As I said, I'm being punished.

    So very ALONE,
    Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  13. Chewy,

    I think you've hit the nail on the head.

  14. Kim,

    No one ever accused you of anything more than a simple kiss. Don't worry! All the talk about your unabashed promiscuity, was just that - only talk.

  15. David,

    You are too kind. Of course these pictures were handpicked from thousands as I searched for ones that did not make us look too chubby, too pimpled, or too short.

  16. Vic Grace,

    You are a true sweetheart. It is wonderful to have a kindred spirit. We can be always right together.

  17. Kate,

    I do feel chaster. Thank you, I guess?

  18. Wow, my blog posts are never this racy!!


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