Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dinner Discord

After reading b.'s post Hey!! What's Fer Dinner?? I was reminded of how well my goal to have family dinner is not going.

Since school started on August 20th it has been my aim to sit as a family for dinner on all school nights. This is a huge step for us.

Sadly, in the past I have been less than consistent with serving a family meal even once a week. I have struggled to prepare something that I, as a vegetarian, will like, and that my meat-loving family will also devour, without cooking two separate entrees. However, with those excuses behind me, I embarked on a new resolution.

The third night of this new tradition, DH, upon hearing me call everyone in for dinner, told D1, "We need to go in to support your mother's efforts." DH denies any tone of ridicule in the word "efforts", despite D1's claim otherwise.

However, apparently DH is becoming accustomed to my "efforts" and has increased his expectations.

On Tuesday night of this week, DH did not arrive home until well after 6 PM so we had dinner without him. Later that evening I mentioned to DH that if he was hungry, there was vegetable lasagna that I had made in the refrigerator. A couple hours later he opened the refrigerator door, spotted the lasagna packaging and promptly called me at the mall on my cell phone.

DH: You made vegetable lasagna?

Me (initially oblivious to his sarcastic tone): For dinner tonight. Yes. It's in the refrig---

DH: This lasagna is from Costco. If you microwave a frozen dinner, that is not making dinner.

Me (full of indignation): I did not microwave the lasagna. I cooked it. For an hour. In the oven.

DH (mocking in a loving way - if that is possible): I can't believe you think that is making dinner.

(Remember this is a man that ten days ago was getting virtually nothing for dinner, except perhaps a bowl of cold cereal he poured himself.)

Me (exasperated and wanting to get back to shopping): Next time I'll be more precise. I'll say, "I prepared vegetable lasagna."

DH (in a non believing tone): Uh, huh.

Me: Warm some up and try it - it's really good.

DH having confirmed the complete lack of meat in the dish, ended up having steak for dinner instead. Steaks were charitably delivered by a dear neighbor concerned about DH's minimal iron and red meat consumption.


  1. At least it wasn't a Swanson's Tv Dinner. DH gets his meat eating craving from his genes I am afraid. Grandpa Badgley would not hear of anything else on his dinner plate, but Meat, Potatoes and gravy.

  2. You have neighbors that care that much? He's lucky.
    Hoss knows not to complain about how dinner is prepared.

  3. I think he should be greatful for what he gets if the alternative is cereal...

  4. That is SERIOUS COOKING as far as I'm concerned (heat, OVEN - sheesh). You are Julia Childs reincarnated, I'm telling you.

    Besides, it's not WHAT you eat, it's the loving interaction around the table (wow - remembering some of my family's dinner-time conversations).

    That is a good "guilt on YOU" sentiment for DH. :-)

    Chef, NOT,
    Le monde de fromage de Kate

  5. Give you a long weekend and you and B promptly turn your back on us, your fans!

    Davy Mac

  6. Please tell me you were making up the part about the neighbor delivering steak to your door out of concern for your husband's lack of mineral consumption. Please.

  7. Joanne,
    Exactly my point. It could have been much worse.

  8. b.,

    We have terrific neighbors. We are very fortunate that way.

  9. Pope Terry,

    If DH did not LOVE cereal so much, he probably would be more grateful.

  10. Kate,

    DH knows I am not Julia Childs reincarnated because my less than nasally voice gives it away. Dang it!

  11. David,

    Yeah, I know. I vanished for a few days. But I was reading your book!

  12. Compulsive.

    I was not making it up. Can you believe it? Some neighbors might bring cookies or homemade bread, but one of them regularly brings steak! And DH loves it!

    How he knew to make his delivery on the night of vegetable lasagna is a mystery though.


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