Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Perfect Plate Picture

David is not the only one out there photographing license plates. This picture was taken on a trip to Bear Lake with friends this past month. Their daughter's nickname is Breezy, so when we spotted this plate in the parking lot of tourist hot spot Merlin's Drive In, with the car owner patiently waiting, I had to get a picture of Breezy and the BREE Z Idaho plate.

Please don't knock the composition too much. I took this with a baby in one hand while a drunk boater honked the horn on his ginormous diesel truck and cursed at me. Evidently, me taking up an extra four feet of the 38 feet available in the parking lot driveway was too much of an imposition. He is clearly not a scrapbooker. Either that or the sentimental importance of taking this once-in-a-lifetime picture before the last fleeting daylight was gone was beyond his scope of comprehension.

No worries, though! We got the picture.


  1. She's a dolly! I think it's a GREAT picture!

  2. Breeezy, was at your house when Frank and I came to visit. She is soooo cute and a joy to be around. Love Breeeeeeze!

  3. ... and that, my dear friend, is why I love this blog.

    The picture is all-important. And yes, miss the moment and nothing will capture it for us, your readers.

    Funny you should mention the compositon. I thought it was brilliant. I think it's called, er, arty!

    Brilliant work.

  4. b.,

    She is my 6th child. Or my daughter is her mom's 3rd. One way or the other she and D2 are inseparable.

  5. David,

    Yeah that's what I meant to say. The composition was on purpose for an artsy feel.


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