Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Holy Guacamole!

10:15 A.M. - I begin loading the dishwasher as D3, who is freshly changed and dressed for the day, is in her high chair finishing breakfast.

10:21 A.M. - "Mom," D2 interjects, "Where did D3 get guacomole?"

I glance over at D3 who has wiggled out of her belt fastener and is standing in her high chair with a greenish, creamy, slighly clumpy, glob on her hand.

Let me just say that while the resemblance was uncanny, it was not guacamole. And I have no plans for eating Mexican for lunch.

10:22 A.M. - I begin a major diaper overhaul on D3.

10:45 A.M. - The "guacamole" outfit is rinsed and placed in the washing machine.

11:05 A.M. - The "guacamole" baby is given a bath and redressed for the day.

11:45 A.M. - We were right back where we started.

Only now it was time to consider what was for lunch. And the dishwasher was still not loaded. And this is why I get nothing noticeably accomplished in a day.


  1. Oh, it all sounds so familiar! And yet somewhere in there, in an attempt to keep our sanity and our sense of humor, we find time to post a blog.
    I will not look at guacamole the same for at least a few days!

  2. Michal,

    Sorry to ruin that delictable treat for you.

  3. Oh, yes, I remember those days. It always seemed to happen just as we were leaving the house and we would end up arriving late to where ever we were going.

  4. Yep. It'll be a while before I can enjoy guacamole again. Our youngest is now well past that stage.

  5. EEEUUUUUWWWWW! god bless you though for taking that in your stride.

  6. Motherhood can be disgusting.

  7. Hi Debbie,

    I salute all mothers.

    Nothing noticeably accomplished, you say. Ma'am, I beg to differ....

    Keep smiling


  8. Stacy,

    Yes, it rarely happens when I have left for the evening and DH is about to give her a bath. Because in my mind that would be perfect timing.

  9. Craver,

    Those days are behind you, huh? I'm so punny.

  10. Pope Terry,

    If she were seven or eight I may not have been so patient. But at 1 year, what can you expect?

  11. Kim,

    there are definitely too many bodily fluids involved in this "calling".

  12. David,

    You only don't notice what is not being accomplished because you have not seen the laundry pile.


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