Sunday, August 5, 2007

Travel to NYC in A.R.?

August, 1 B.R. - Taking the Jet Blue red eye to NYC.
I woke DH up so I could take this picture of us. Isn't he a sport?

May, 3 B.R. - DH and me in Central Park.

May, 3 B.R. - The Lady and me.

August, 2 B.R. - DH can't take his eyes off of me long enough for a picture of us at our favorite Italian restaurant in New York City.

I have told our friends that as DH and I look back on our life together it is timed much like the world is timed. The world's time is based on the pivotal event of Jesus Christ. Hence, B.C. = Before Christ and A.D. = Anno Domini, or since Christ was born.

In the world of Debbie and DH the pivotal time in our lives was not the birth of a child or graduation from college. Our pivotal time is entering the restaurant business. Hence our time is denoted as B.R. and A.R. Which is to say B.R. = Before Restaurants and A.R. = After Restaurants.

For example, we were married 15 B.R., or 15 years before entering the restaurant business. We traveled to NYC for the first time together in 4 B.R. We returned in 3 B.R., twice in 2 B.R. and finally again in 1 B.R. It is now 2 A.R. and we haven't been back to The Greatest City in the World. For those of you not historians or math majors that equals three years.

For the most part, I try not to think about my sad travel budget that currently prohibits such excursions. But just when I'm over it, someone has to brag about their upcoming trip to The Greatest City in the World.

Then I am once again reminded that I will not cross the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy a romantic dinner with DH where I would dine on Tuna with Tomatoes, Scallions and Capers here. Nor will I indulge in a Chocolate Croissant here. I won't be able to try to make up for the fattening breakfast by eating my favorite salad here. While the tourists fight the crowd at Carmine's, I won't spend an evening happily dining at the best Italian restaurant in Manhattan instead.

And it is just not all about the food.

DH won't be able to make me go here. Again. And we won't literally, and I truly mean literally, as in all text messaging overused lingo aside, be rolling on the floor laughing at Lucille Ball. Where she would be boxing in her kitchen during a hilarious old television show that we will not be personally choosing for our viewing...pleasure is so this little known secret place.

There will be no window shopping for me here or for DH at any jeweler savvy enough to carry these. I'll miss a ride on this, which we always take. Not because we necessarily want to see her again, although its nice. Nor is it because we really want to go here. Mostly we do it because it is free.

Since I won't be buying an airline ticket, I guess I'll go do some more laundry and try to sound sincere when I wish her a safe trip as she travels to The Greatest City in the World in August, 2 A.R.


  1. Yes... I was thinking the other day how you never travel to NYC any more... Of course - I only used to think of it - because I could not believe you would travel to within 6 hours of my house and NEVER come see me!

  2. Kim,

    I'll accept your condolances. As much as you tried to hide them as such, I recognize them for whatthey truly are.

  3. Ok, here is the deal. I just dropped off DH at Logan. We discussed your future travel plans over Steamers and Lobstah,s in Maine. Cruise in October. Then to horse country USA, (aka, Hubbardston, Mass) to see what surely will be the end of the color here in NE. Then I take you to the train station and , guess what??? New York City, here you come. What do you think? I was really pushing the conversation, big time, over dinner. DH was really Hmmmmm'n it. Anyway, our visit was the best and DH made his bed every day and helped me do all of the dishes. What a house guest. I'll bet he even does laundry.

    It was really wonderful, Deb. Thanks for sharing DH with me for this long weekend.

  4. Joanne,

    Not sure what kind of show DH was putting on for you. He can do dishes, but that does not necessarily mean he does them. He usually leaves the bed making to me, so that is odd. And he never does laundry!

    But he does do other useful things, including plumbing and dishwasher repairs, painting, replacing light bulbs, and even installing an occassional new light fixture. Heck, he can even put in a new fireplace, as you well know! But he definitely does not do laundry.

  5. Hi Debbie,

    Lovely shots. Hey, hang on, that's the Statue of Liberty in one frame. You mean DH didn't try and nick it?!!!!

    You are a great influence on the man!

  6. ... on a more serious note I hope none of your family or friends are involved in the Utah mine collapse.

    God bless all who are trapped there - and the rescue teams

  7. David,

    Nah, DH has surprisingly left Lady Liberty in tact.

    While we do not have personal fmaily or friends involved in the mine collapse we are anxiously awaiting some word on the victims and their rescuers. Like you, we hope all will be well.

  8. *sigh*
    I miss New York.
    It's time for me to go back.

  9. When you said you were going to the greatest city on Earth I thought you meant Bendigo my home town... oh the confusion. Where is this New York you speak of.

  10. debbie,
    my hubby and i have never been to nyc but are hoping to go in the next year while my younger brother is in grad school at columbia. i am so excited to have a great "eat NYC" itinerary, since for me a trip is all about the food. hope you get back soon.

  11. Nice pics. I also must say that you and your hubby are a good-looking couple!

  12. Hey Debbie, you forgot to mention picking up a quick snack here. ;-)

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  14. Hey Debbie,
    I just returned from "The Greatest City in the World". It's all a blur! Visual stimulation overload... and a lot of sweating in the sweltering heat.

    I walked up 5th Avenue from 53rd to Central Park South, passing all the high end classy shops thinking of you. Looked for Donald as I passed the Trump Tower, but he must have been overseeing the renovations, the lower street section was covered in scaffolding. (smile)

    (That was my deleted comment. I corrected a street name mistake.)

  15. Pope Terry,

    Bendigo, NYC - same difference.

  16. Michal,

    This post is a great eating itinerary. I am so excited for you!

  17. Dan,

    You are sweet. I don't know that many people have ever said that. Thank you!

  18. Ridemax Mark,

    You do read my blog! And when we go back you guys are going too!

  19. Chewy,

    Can't believe you missed Donald. What a bummer! I;m sure he is as sorry that you two were unable to meet up as well.


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