Thursday, August 16, 2007


Recently, I had the opportunity to interview ozlady. The discussion was enlightening as she confessed to performing mime in Paris, and explains why you should never take a pack of Bubblicious with you to Singapore.

This whole interview thing started with the beautiful and talented Carol, so it is probably only right that we've come full circle. Carol and I started this particular interview, oh, about two months ago. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is only now ready for publication.

Hello Deborah, it's lovely to see you here in the tortu, er interview seat. What? Oh, don't worry about that, it's only a little lie-detector box, it'll just take a minute to hook you up. There now, see? Okay, I believe we're ready to roll. So, lets open with a gentle one to begin.

We are all aware of what a talented writer you are, and you never seem to lose inspiration when it comes to posting fresh, funny and interesting anecdotes. What first tuned you in to blogging, have you always written, and with such a busy home life, where do you find the time and energy for it? Is your family supportive, do they ever read your posts, and have you any future ambitions to publish outside of the blogasphere?

Your compliments are too kind. I had considered blogging for couple years, and one day, without even giving it much thought, I opened a blogspot account, put up my first post, and voila! A blog was born.

Writing is something that has been mine to do by default. When I was working, I was always the one assigned to write the letters, the scopes of work, and other business documents. I have been the resume doctor for friends, family, neighbors and vague acquaintances for years. I'm not sure what they like more, my work or my fees (or lack thereof). I created and wrote a magazine
Golf Widow column for a time as well.

I derive my energy from eating a healthy meat-free diet. Alright, just kidding. In truth I have no energy and often blog while nearly falling asleep.

My family is supportive of my blogging as long as it does not interfere with making meals, driving them places, washing their clothing, cleaning the house, or visiting with them (him) when they (he) come(s) home from work.

My family used to read my blog.

- S1 quit reading after the cell phone post which he still maintains is entirely fiction.

- My brother refuses to read my blog again until I post a "full retraction and apology" for the Spanish Fork post.

- My mom is too busy going to the gym for water aerobics to read my blog anymore.

- My dad only reads my blog if I sit at his computer and read it to him.

- DH's birth mother reads my blog. But as for DH himself, he reads only when he becomes an outsider to conversations at dinner with our friends, because every comment is an inside joke, funny only to my blog readers.

Happily all my sisters, their neighbors, friends, boyfriends and Sunday School classes are die hard readers of my blog. Sisters are the best!

My future ambitions outside blogasphere are to become a famous syndicated columnist, of course! Or one of the judges on American Idol. I'd happily take either job offer.

Moving on to my second question, I note you are a vegetarian, have you always been one, if not, what moved you to become one? Is your family also vegetarian? Do you also eat fish and dairy (my siblings are vegan, I know how much dedication that takes).

Actually, by my calculation, this is your seventh question, ah, but who's counting? I have not always been a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian about eight years ago. I never really liked meat, and after doing some research I became convinced of the health benefits so I abandoned meat and poultry all at once. My family is a chicken nugget and steak chomping crew. But I have high hopes for D3 to be a vegetarian with me. I do occasionally eat fish. Eight years ago I was a strict vegan for about a year, but I found that lifestyle to very difficult to maintain. So I slowly added some animal products back into my diet.

Stepping aside from the home front for a minute, can you expand on both your political and spiritual beliefs, have they always been the same, if not, what happened to make you change them?

Politically, I am a conservative, registered Republican, but I don't always vote straight for one party. I am more anti-gun (or at least favor stricter gun control) and pro-environment than the typical Republican is thought to be.

Spiritually, I believe in God and Jesus Christ. And I am trying to live my life such that I may worthy of living in their presence some day. These beliefs have not changed much throughout my life.

If you had unlimited wealth, and assuming you have already generously given to every good cause and charity you support, what would you choose to do with the rest of your life?

If I possessed unlimited wealth, I would probably divide my time between working in orphanages in Romania and shopping. This plan epitomizes the dichotomy in my life. Much like the conservative, non gun-owning, vegetarian Republican that I am. But I am a Gemini so maybe such opposites are my fate.

Finally, if you could go back in time and change one decision you made in your life, what would it be, and why?

If I had it to do over, I would have changed my college major. Well actually, I did change my college major, a few times. But I think I would have been better off majoring in something other than International Relations. Something like English, Computer Science, or even Organizational Behavior would have been far more applicable and useful later in my life.

Carol, thank you for taking time out of your busy blog and novel writing life to produce this interview. You are the best!


  1. DH's Birth Mom just wants to say, to Debbie, you make my day! I just wake up each day and I just can't wait to read what you are up to. Thank you for being you. And thank you for DH.

  2. Ah another owner of a useless college degree, its a wonderful feeling coming away from a three and half year study, only to find you dont really have a proper 'skill'. Oh well, time for a job in the government.

  3. Dear, Dear, dearest Debbie and Carol,

    You probably know exactly how highly I value your writing talents and how much I place on your friendship.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview - it was worth the wait.

    God bless you both and may He grant you even more creativity. You bring so many smiles to faces around the world, not least mine.

    Keep smiling


    PS: Debbie, on another note, I was also very surprised that JFK only got a solitary note on that poll I ran.....

  4. Yes, as Debbie's S3 I am a dedicated blog reader. As far as your college major goes. How were you suppose to know that indeed you would not be marrying the next President of the United States? Wasn't that your plan? I thought it was a smart major for a first lady to have. Who knows, it certainly isn't too late for your DH to enter the political arena.

  5. Huh? I didn't find any spelling mistakes in Carol's questions. Deborah, did you, by any chance, edit them?

    Deb, please keep us posted as to when we'll see you in the judge's chair on Idol... or the newspaper for your column.

  6. your sisters ARE wonderful and loyal. christine praises your blog regularly (and rightly so) and has gotten me hooked. if only my sister would read mine! ah, well.

  7. No one called McMahon reads my blog - so I'm delighted that you do!

  8. Pope Terry,

    Does this mean you are job hunting?

  9. David,

    Where would we be without your friendship and support?

  10. Chewy,

    Misspellings? No! I didn't see one!? And don't worry, you all will be the first to know when I get the job as American Idol judge.

  11. Michal,

    Christine is terrific isn't she? I'd recommend as a Public Relations professional to anyone!

  12. David,

    No McMahons!? That is a shame.

  13. Michelle,

    Have you read about Bob's Big Boy? I think it is too late for DH to have presidential hopes.

  14. Deborah, what a brilliant interviewee you are! (Unlike that Chewy, of course, she punched me mid-way through hers..)

    I'm grinning from ear to ear - think I'm gonna' have to link you now - sorry, but you've asked for it. Smile.

  15. Carol,

    You are terrific! I love it!



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