Monday, August 20, 2007

Typecasting the Golf Widow

Once upon a time I wrote a regular column for a golf publication. It was called The Golf Widow. The following is one of my articles:

Golf Widows…they are all the same. Though you may think so, it is most assuredly a false notion. Golf widows are a complex and ever-changing breed. Below, a few of the most widespread golf widow types are defined. See if you can pick yourself or someone you love from the list.

Don’t Leave Me's – This golf widow is the newbie. She is dating or engaged to a hunk of a guy and she is so darn attached that she can’t stand the idea of them being apart. She brings her sun chair with attached umbrella, her latest People magazine and sunscreen to the driving range. There she sets up camp where she will sit and watch him hit balls for untold hours. She is not embarrassed by her devotion and even claims to enjoy the time spent just inches above the dirt in the hot sun with sweaty golfers all around. It is pathetic, understandably. But she is out there, and deserves our pity.

You’re Going Where’s? – She’s young with a houseful of kids, and is completely overwhelmed. Somehow during the day she manages a home with four kids going seven directions. She drives them to their activities and helps them with their homework and science fair projects. She even sands and paints Cub Scout pinewood cars. But, she can only take so much! She can’t wait for her husband to come home in the evening and lend a hand. However, at 5:30 PM, he calls to say he won’t be home for two more hours; he’s going to golf the back nine before it gets dark. Too much backlash directed at the golfer and he’ll get wiser. Without knowing it, she’ll soon become one of the “No Ideas.”

No Idea’s – The problem with this golf widow is she really has no clue she even is one. Whether it be financial concerns, time constraints, or plain guilt, the husband of this golf widow does not want her to know how much time he actually spends on that “Green Hill Far Away.” She is ignorant about the fresh dirt on her husband’s golf cleats as they are securely stored in the trunk of his car. She does not become wiser, until one day when she notices a nasty sunburn across his neck. She wonders out loud how he obtained such a scorcher at the office all day. Without a pause, he mutters to himself, “Dang, I’ve got to remember my sunscreen.” Finally, catching on, she understands it is not the risk of skin cancer as much as being caught golfing that upsets him the most.

If a Golfing You Will Go…Then A Shopping I Will Go’s – This is the golf widow that is most at peace with her situation. She enjoys the perfect freedom of no young children and a newly raised limit on her Nordstrom credit card. The only problem here is, unless there is an endless trust fund and the children are grown, such a combination of childless shopping with a perpetual zero-balance Nordstrom card, can only be temporary for this type of golf widow.

I’m Comin’ Too’s – This is the golf widow that has mastered the phrase, “If you can’t beat ‘em: join ‘em.” This lady is as addicted to golf as her husband. She has spent hours on the course perfecting her game. She plays in country club tournaments, is wanted in everyone’s foursome, and owns an awesome set of clubs. Even her golf wardrobe outshines them all. And if he is golfing, well then, so is she. Several days a week she may even beat him to the course. Best-of-all…her handicap is lower than his!

Get Outta Here’s – This dear, woman is often a retired empty nester. She is more than pleased to see her husband leave for a few hours, and can often be found pushing him out the door into his golf cart in the garage. She desperately needs a break from his aimless wandering around the house and not-so-helpful hints with her cooking. Besides, if he tries to fiddle with that garbage disposal one more time, it will break for sure.

Golf widows are a complicated species and tend to evolve from one version to another as their lives transform. One thing is for certain, they all share the common trait of a special guy that is missing in action for several hours every week. Luckily he is not drinking, smoking, gambling, or, heaven forbid, carousing with other women.

His harmless mistress is the rolling green, the little white ball, and a shiny set of clubs. And for this reason, we let him get away with it.


  1. golf, ugh.... a throgoughly horrible game, for the main reason that i cant get rid of my slice, so i gave up. But the carts are fun.

    I wonder if there are any golf widowers.

  2. See, I was right. There is no end to your talent ....

  3. Pope Terry,

    You are much too young to give the game up!! Remember the backswing starts with your hands and the downswing is all in your hips.

    I suppose Nancy Lopez' and Annika Sorenstam's significant other swould be a golf widowers. Right?

  4. David,

    Aren't you sweet? This was a fun assignment for sure.

  5. Hi Deborah - sorry to drop this here, but there's a call to action for 15th October in Support of the Blog Action Day. Please help!

  6. I think its actually my stance or my grip thats the problem, the weird thing is my mates and I used to drive balls up and down a tailings dam when we were kids and i was fine, but as soon as we moved to courses, I developed a rather large hook/slice, (it goes to the right).

  7. Pope Terry,

    Sounds like it is time to revisit the dam and find your swing.

  8. I LOVE this! Can I forward it to a few friends, sisters in law, and a Gram?

  9. OzLady,

    I checked out your link. Thanks!

  10. b.,

    Please forward this to anyone and everyone.

  11. Buy him one of these...

    Then, he can stay home and work in the yard and think he's playing golf.

  12. Or, he can try for a hole in one at home?????????

  13. I never realized when I married my husband 30 yrs. ago I would spend EVERY weekend alone! I have had to fill my time, but it's sad that golf is more important than me. I'm alone constantly, go places alone, do things by myself. I am single, but married! It's crazy, and he doesn't even care. No more nagging for one day of time for me, it doesn't work. I bought a horse and he's the new love in my life.


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