Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Wife Kind of Panicked?

Jason Platt of Lehi, Utah went hiking last Thursday. When it was 10 PM and he was not home yet, his concerned wife called search and rescue. Despite helicopters flying overhead and searchers screaming his name, he was not found. Until he walked out of the canyon himself the next morning.

"I got caught in a storm and took a sleeping pill, spent the night up there and then came back this morning." Platt explained. The sleeping pill, he happened to have in his day pack, made the whole helicopter-overhead-and-screaming-his-name search an obviously fruitless activity.

"My wife kind of panicked," he added, "And called search and rescue."

It was 10 PM. Her husband was untold hours late from an afternoon hike. He was not answering his cell phone. It was pitch dark and had been very stormy. What sort of loving, caring wife calls search and rescue for that? She is clearly a real jump-the-gun kind of worry wart.

Like when a pipe in the basement bursts and the water is knee-high. I bet his wife kind of panics and calls a plumber.

Or when the dog is hit by a car and is limping and bleeding all over. Most certainly she kind of panics and calls the veterinarian.

When she has a searing tooth ache for a week, do you think she kind of panics and calls the dentist? I bet she does.

Of course, she could have presumed him face down and dead on some mountain side, planned his funeral, and went out and bought a new car with his life insurance pay out.


  1. That IS a great car!! I wonder if she's re-thinking that phone call after that statement.

  2. b.,

    Rethinking the phone call, the marriage, something.

    Nah, just kidding!

    But if DH were to ever pull that kind of stunt with me...that car would be my first purchase.

  3. unbelievable. i would have killed him when he walked out like nothing was wrong--he would have wished that something awful had happened during the hike.
    isn't it one of the first rules you learn as a hiker to not hike alone? and based on the article, it appears that this was already the second time this bozo had been lost hiking overnight and had to be rescued. wow.

  4. Michal,

    Survive a stormy night alone on the mountain only to come home alive and then be killed by your wife. That'd make the news too!

  5. If I'm not mistaken, experts list sleeping pills and a blasé attitude as two of the ten emergency supplies that everyone must carry with them when traveling or hiking.

    Oh - WAIT - those are two of the ten IDIOT supplies that cretins must carry with them when they leave home.

    I'm being hard on him, I know, but I'm one of those "real jump-the-gun kind of worry wart[s]."

    Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  6. Hi Debbie,

    I would have done exactly what she did.

    No question about it.

    Not even a fleet of Rolls-Royces would replace my wife.

    Keep smiling


  7. LOL! Deb- I love you put that. It's bril.

  8. Kate,

    Stop fretting now. Remember he is safe and secure at home now. And probably will not be allowed to hike for some time.

  9. David,

    Well said.

    And now I feel guilty for planning how to spend life insurance money.

    Hmmmm...I guess a mountain home in Park City wouldn't console me either?

  10. Colleen,

    Glad you enjoyed it! No one has called me bril in, like forever!

  11. Perhaps he won't hike, but what will prevent him from being dismissive to and/or about his wife (to the press, even)?

    Perhaps we need the number for the “Forceful Kick in the Bum” department. They are invaluable in situations like this.

    Can’t say I would fret about HIM,
    Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  12. Well one would wonder why he was out walking that late, but I'm sure it was an accident and not a cry for help by a desperate man trying to escape a woman whose trying to kill him for the down payment on a jag.

  13. LOL... Typical man. If the shoe was on the other foot, there would have been hell to pay, and we would have been the unreasonable ones!

  14. Kate,

    Please publish the number for the “Forceful Kick in the Bum” department when you find it.

  15. Pope Terry,

    No I'm sure that was not his intention.

  16. Ozlady,

    What are you saying? Are you saying there are double standards!?


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