Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Seventies Were Hot

I don't mean to dwell on the unfortunate, but if I don't stop complaining about the lack of A/C in my Yukon, I might be forced to recall my real problems.

Pope Terry pointed out the irony in that what is supposed to be the coldest place on earth, The Yukon, is actually the hottest, my Yukon. That made me laugh. For about a millisecond.

My neighbor, RKCD, unlike OzLady's neighbor, rarely assists with any of my plant care or gardening chores. And he is really pathetic when it comes to car repair. However, he tries to be helpful, which is probably why he suggested the following, "If you are going to drive around all day without air conditioning, like in the seventies, perhaps some seventies tunes will help you along."

It is rather basic logic, not rocket science, but as I considered it further, I realized, "This is profound advice!"

So I immediately snagged DH's custom burned CD, hand titled with a black Sharpie: "70's Funk." I suppose I have yet to mention that DH is The Master of Music Mixes. You wish you had this CD, I know. Or at least if you had ever heard it, you'd wish you had it.

It is hard to be cranky when you are grooving to Boogie Shoes and Brick House. Sorry, Chewy and Dance With the Sun, no Sugar, Sugar by The Archies. But only because it is DH's mix, not mine.

So in response to my adorable neighbor's terrific advice, I'm playing it at full volume. Mainly because with all the wind rushing around the car cabin that is the only level at which the music can be heard.

Air conditioning will come and go. But KC and The Sunshine Band, The Commodores, and even The Archies will live on forever.


  1. Aaahhhh......the 70's. Sounds like a mix I might need to get my hands on. At least you're making the best of it!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    You are so multi-talented as a writer. When am I going to buy your first book?

    I know you don;t have time. And I know you don;t plan to write a book. But when you do, can I be the first to introduce you to an agent and a publisher?

    By the way, I once had a Nissan Skyline that had 4 x 100 air conditioning. You rolled down all 4 windows, did 100 on the freeway - hey presto - free air conditioning!

    Keep smiling


  3. "She's a brick.... HOUSE,
    She's might mighty
    Just letting it all hang out..."

    Oh Lionel Richie you beautiful S.O.B. I'm hoping theres some boney M on that tape as well, maybe a bit of Rasputin...

  4. I cried like crazy when my kindergarten class was set up to take a field trip to the Yukon. I cried thinking it would take 45 hours, not the 45 minutes they kept telling me. (Turns out we went to the agricultural department of the University of Connecticut -- UConn....)

    KC and the Sunshine Band played a double bill with Kool & the Gang across town from my softball game last night. The school parking lot was full of shuttle buses for people to get driven over to the park. Musta been a totally GROOOOOVY time! :)

  5. b.,
    It is a really great mix. Maybe I can get him to publish it on iTunes.

  6. David,

    4 x 100 a/c huh? Most of my driving is from home to the grocery store, to home to the school to home, to the mall. Not sure I'd be able to get up to 100 mph. Certainly not legally. So right now I;m settling for 5 (including the sun roof) 5 x 30. It is not the same.

    You'll introduce me to an agnet and a publisher? Maybe I do need to write a book!

  7. Pope Terry,

    Lionel Richie is the master!

  8. Brian,

    You were a sensitive and smart 5 year-old!

    KC and Kool were in town and you didn't go???? You played softball (akin to baseball-the-most-boring-sport-in-the-world) instead??? What????

  9. Parliament-Funkadelic
    "I want the bomb. I want the P-Funk. I want my funk uncut."


  10. Chewy,

    You are the 70's Dancing Queen!

  11. KC and the Sunshine band!!! Whoo hoo.

    I was a babe in the 70s, but spent a lot of the 80s making up for lost time!!!

    You go girl!

    PS - yes my neighbour is pretty kewl that way - cooler than A/C!!

  12. Ozlady,

    I wansn't that old in the 70's either. But the music is worth the trip back in time.

    My neighbor already apologized for not being so good with my plants.


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