Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark) Spelling Lesson

Perhaps you haven't heard about the latest technological innovation for the small Utah town of Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark). Their mayor has expanded his nifty little e-mail system for the residents of their tiny town in order for them to communicate with him better. It is amazingly simple. Got a swimmin' pool in yer basement 'cause the neighbor kids figgered out how to undo the fire hydrant? E-mail Did yer dog darn near fall out the back of yer pickup when ya hit a road pit on the west end of town? Send notice to Truly, I am not making this up. These are actual working e-mail addresses in place for the inhabitants of Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark). But be sure to spell it the way it should be spelled and not the way it sounds. I would suspect e-mails sent to are not monitored.
I wonder if I could set up something similar for myself at home. Does S1 need a ride to the mall? He can e-mail Did D2 run out of clean underwear? She can simply log-on and send a message to As I contemplate this, the potential benefits are endless.
Supposedly it's been quite beneficial for the people of Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark). They've had in place for some time now and as proudly proclaimed by Mayor Thomas, "This town is clean of graffiti."
You know, I find that absolutely amazing! Seriously. No graffiti in Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark) whatsoever. I'm mostly astonished because I don't know how the mayor was alerted to all the troublesome markings. How did all those Spanish Farkians spell graffiti correctly, that is with two 'f's and only one 't', in their e-mails to Mayor Thomas? This thinking is in no way intended to question the intelligence of the citizens of Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark). It's just a tricky word to spell.
In fact, to verify that graffiti is a commonly misspelled word, I did a little Internet research. Unfortunately, I got this not-so-helpful Google suggestion at the top of my search results: "Did you mean: commonly misspelled words". Yep, you guessed it. I misspelled the word misspelled.
Dang! It's never cool when you are dumber than the people you are attempting to ridicule.


  1. Well. If yer gotta lil bit'er time to go to Spanish Fork (pronounced Fark), what you'll find is alot of spam in the inbox, 'an on da shelves of de supermarket (pronounced Super-mar-kett).These lil Spanish Forker's (pronunced Farkers) love their Spam!



    btw: I love the title of the blog. It's perfect, even without a "search."

  2. Phew-I'm glad I don't live in Spanish "Fark". It is true-my grandma is from there but has lived in California for 30 plus years now but she still says "Fark" along with frunal (funeral), tarlet (toilet), etc. I am kind of intimidated to comment after reading Debbie's "professional" writing skills!

  3. Be sure to tell Gram that when she returns to Spanish Fark for Uncle Ted's frunal, if the casket-bearing limo hits a hard bump, or if Aunt Bee's tarlet overflows, you know just who to e-mail.

  4. *roaring in laughter* I find myself with the same spelling problems-the funny thing is, when I google a misspelled word (or is that miss-spelled?) I actually find it spelled wrong on other sites. I guess we're not a-lone *grin*

  5. So maybe it's not just me that needs to hop over to Amazon and order Hooked on Phonics Volumes 1 - 99?

  6. Ok,just for clarification: I come from a long line of S Effers. But, I was born in Washington, grew up in Orem (pronounced Arr-um), and lived a year in New York. We now live in the County. My side of the road is SF across the street is Salem. I have a Salem phone number (my kids go to Salem schools and will attend Salem High School as soon as it's finished) and a SF address. I will occasionally slip into the Spanish Fark slanguage, sometimes I care, sometimes I don't.

  7. having been to spanish fork (pronounced fark) i positively howled through this entire post. my kids came running out to see what i was so hysterical over. nice job.

  8. Michal,

    You are too kind. Thanks for laughing. I howled while writing it too!

  9. I live in Spanish Fork, and the only time I have ever heard the word Fork pronounced Fark was by people trying to degrade my city and the people who live here. Deborah Gamble should know what she is talking about before she starts to talk. P.S. Very few farmers live in Spanish Fork and the ones who do are better human beings than most, and yes, they do have a small amount of 'slanguage.'

  10. You could atleast post an actual picture of something in Spanish Fork. The picture you have posted is in Payson.


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