Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Dutiful Moment in Time

Friday evening D2 and D2's friend joined DH and I in the kitchen. We were enjoying plenty of conversation and cookies when, all of a sudden, D2’s friend stood up and without saying a word, walked to the front door. The rest of us quieted and DH asked our neighbor what she was doing.

D2 explained on her suddenly mute friend's behalf, “She has to be home at ten P.M. and it is nine fifty-nine.” We glanced at the clock and sure enough the big hand was almost to the twelve and the little hand was on the ten. Following the brief and apparently accurate explanation, her friend proceeded out the door.

DH and I were left in a bit of a stupor. Since when are third graders that responsible? And since when are second graders able to tell time with such precision?


  1. I love your clock in the picture! Where did you get it???

  2. You obviously haven't met my brood - it's a scarey experience.. even for me.

  3. Shrink Wrapped,

    Parenting is supposed to be a joyful struggle. But, no one told us how frightening it would be as well!



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