Monday, April 16, 2007

The Elusive Song Lyrics

If you have never eaten at Jason’s Deli you are missing out. While I can devour a Spinach Veggie Wrap with ease, DH is partial to the California Club. But the food is only part of the reason we frequent Jason’s Deli. Mostly, we go for the music. They play the very best songs from the 80’s: the songs you love, but forgot existed.

One not easily forgotten number is Prince’s "Little Red Corvette". My friends and I could not get enough of this song in 1983. I’ll never forget a summer night when Julie and I were out on her trampoline in the backyard singing the lyrics acapella. Come on you remember them, so sing with me, I guess I shoulda known, by the way U parked your car sideways, that it wouldn’t last. See U’re the kinda person that believes in makin’ out once. Love 'em and leave 'em fast…But it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right... If I may interject and point out to my children, parents and Sunday School class: Saturday night never makes it all right, and I did not believe that then, or now, or at anytime in between.

Anyway, all was just fine until we got to the chorus. Julie started at the top of her lungs, Pay the rent collect, Baby you’re much 2 fast. And as I softened my voice, not certain I heard her correctly, she continued, Pay the rent collect, U need a love that’s gonna last. How she ever confused little red corvette with pay the rent collect, well who knows. But man was it funny!

Perhaps it was almost as entertaining as the Kenny Chesney song I botched on our Saturday night date with friends. DH, in addition to jazz, enjoys Kenny Chesney. He was introduced to the country artist on a midwinter play-some-golf-where-it-is-warm road trip. Upon DH’s return he downloaded several of Kenny Chesney’s songs from iTunes

On Saturdays while doing his Honey Do List, he plays them and sings along. Sometimes, he even sings real loud and we dance. He does this so often that I thought I knew every word to “When the Sun Goes Down”. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that when the sun goes down, we’ll actually be “groovin.”

Groovin' sounds fun and all, but I thought it was something else. I thought this because when DH sings the song, he always sings something else. I know now that it is not because he doesn’t know the words, but because he thinks he’s funny, or cute, or sexy, or something. When DH sings the song to me, he always replaces “groovin’” with another verb. One commonly used by building contractors as they described the process with which they adhere dry wall screws. And that is how I thought the song went. So that is how I sang it. On Saturday night. At the top of my lungs. In front of all our friends.


  1. Does DH sing the song that way in front of S1, S2, D1, D2 and D3?

    Because that could make for an embarrasing moment at a play date!

    I have to say... the vision of you singing this make me truly LOL!! (which for my sisters who are not tech savy at all... means... Laugh Out Loud)

    ~Youngest Sister Kim

  2. I'm truly embarassed for you. And yet I am laughing-like the true friend that I am.

  3. Dear Youngest Sister Kim,
    Obviously, DH does not think about my reputation at the PTO or Room Mother's Tea when he pulls stunts like this.

  4. Eve,
    Go ahead laugh it up. As long as he doesn't look like a pin head or Disco Man while he's singing, I'm okay with it.
    I'm being mean now I know. And I'll apologize. Later, after I stop laughing so hard.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahhhhhh.....ahahhahahhahahahhhhhhhahahahhahhahahahhahhhah *big breath*
    ahahhahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahahahha *snort*...hah...ahha...ha...
    Ok, I think I'm done now *snicker*

  6. Oooo-you changed things around- no longer have to wait to see my comment.

  7. As the person who purposely introduced your DH (for his sanity) to the sun, sand and surf of Kenney Chesney and introduced the both of you to the pleasure of Jason’s Deli – I (with all my years of highly-trained education) whole-heartedly indorse your DH’s version. Where would we all be without a little “groovin” on a regular basis?

    Having you sing (so unabashedly at the top of your lungs) DH’s version brought a bigger smile to my face than anything Johnny B said that night.


  8. Eve,
    Yes, I did change the settings for posting comments. I thought I wasn't having problems with abuse. Hmmmm. May need to rethink things, Miss Hahahaha.

  9. Hi Deborah,,

    As someone who has absolutely blasted through the ranks, would you like to be the guest judge of this week's Blog Awards? See my blogpost titled `You Be The Judge' and let me know.

  10. RKCD,
    So you are trying to take credit for the food I eat,the music I listen to, and saving my DH's life. You are bold. Very bold.

  11. Lemme guess... When you sang this on Saturday night, it was on a trampolene again, right? See, that's why I say we should get rid of the blasted things. They always lead to improprer lyrics.

    Wait. Prince's lyrics can only improve by changing them. Keep the trampolene and see what becomes of Nikki.

  12. Craver Vii,

    You Nikki reference has acutely reminded me why I am so glad Prince and his lyrics are not regularly on the radio today.

    As for the trampoline, it is a blasted injury-causing thing. But like the dog, if I were to get rid of it, I had better pack my suitcase as well, because S1-D3 would surely disown me.

  13. Songs from our youth are true time capsules, something that delightfully and continually ambushes me, when I least expect it.. here's to all those "blast's from the past", eh?

  14. Shrink Wrapped,
    It took me years to realize why my mother refused to let me look at her yearbook anymore after I learned to read cursive. Apparently there were some ambushes lurking in the signed pages that she wasn't ready to face. Wonder where that book is now anyway. Mom?


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