Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For the Love of Scouts

I gave birth to our fifth child last summer. She is our tail-ender, or retirement wrecker as our friends affectionately nicknamed their little caboose. When I had an ultrasound and found out she was a girl, I was silently relieved knowing I would not have to do yet another round of Cub Scout Pinewood Derbies and Merit Badge Pow Wows. I can handle sleepless nights, the chicken pox and chaperoning field trips. The most difficult tasks of parenting hands down are 1) Scouts and 2) The Birds-and-the-Bees Talk. With a daughter, half the hard stuff is never an issue. But it seems DH and I will be tackling another round of The Birds-and-the-Bees Talk soon.

I am planning such a discussion because I found some rough drafts of a love letter on my desk. I was able to identify them as such because of the pink marker lettering and hand-drawn hearts. I am posting the text of them here so that when DH sees them he will know it is time to have The Birds-and-the-Bees Talk with our second-grader.

I figure it is DH’s turn since I had the talk with S1 and D1. Of course we are skipping S2, but only for now. Since S2 is not yet writing love letters (at least as far as we know) we are going to have to bump D2 up in his place.

The first enchanted epistle is as follow:

To: UtahJazzMan
I see you ever (sic) day and you are hot!
I am Lauren

The second draft is decidedly more bold:

Do you want to kiss me?
yes or no or maybe
I (heart) U

While I am not certain as to the identity of UtahJazzMan, my concern for D2’s affections can be comforted by only one thing. It is my dearest prayer that UtahJazzMan, in addition to possessing a love for NBA Basketball is also a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America. If this is the case, he will certainly be too busy planning next year’s Winter Klondike to have time to notice let alone kiss D2.


  1. *giggle* Haven't been there yet. I'm takin' notes :)

  2. Eve,
    As my sister Jackie says, "You should be quacking all day because you are a lucky duck!"

  3. Do you think D2 is only following after her mother's example... (let's remember.... Harpring... You make my heart sing!)
    ~ youngest sister Kim

  4. Kim,
    Your comment just like my age is completely irrelevant.

  5. Actually, since my kids are younger and the world is going downhill, I would say that I would have the harder task (and two boys, did I mention that?)

  6. Eve,
    You are probably right. Be sure to let us know when your first pinewood derby is near, we have a secret winning design. Shhh... And I don't care if their Eagle Scout rank is on the line - Winter Klondikes are insanely stupid!

  7. Ahhh, the love quiz. I remember writing a few of those in my day. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Abi,
    You did!? I am certain I never did. That would have been too embarassing. How I ever got the nerve to snag DH, I'll never know. It was probably divine intervention.


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