Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Checkin’ Out DH

On Monday evenings we generally try to spend the evening as a family. Yesterday evening after dinner, I was temporarily delayed so S1-D3 proceeded downstairs with DH, who was in charge of family time. I joined them about ten minutes later, curious to see what DH had cooked up to entertain the children. Imagine my surprise, when upon entering the family room, all the eyes of my impressionable children were focused silently on the television, fully engrossed in World Series of Poker on ESPN. In case you are wondering what the big deal is, this was not at all what I would consider an appropriate family time activity. And DH knows that.

I quickly suspended the television power, and we redirected ourselves by playing Apples to Apples. If you are unfamiliar with this game, it is more family-oriented than poker as no gambling is involved. But more importantly, it can be played by anyone ages 7 to 70 without much adaptation (my favorite feature) and is over, as in start to finish, in about 15 minutes (DH’s favorite feature).

The game unfolds when, in an effort to secure the coveted green adjective cards, one red noun card is played per player, per round, in a hope that it will be chosen by whoever is “it” as the best match. At the end of the game, we each read the green adjective cards we accumulated, as they are supposed to provide insight into our personalities. DH won our game and as such had gathered five green cards. According to the game tradition, these cards indicated that DH was tall, skinny, hard, dangerous, and wonderful.

If you do not know DH personally, you may be wondering, if this accurately describes him, so let me help you out. Is DH tall? He is 6 foot 3 inches. Check. Skinny? In 1989 he used to weigh 185 pounds, so check. Hard? When we were dating he had bulging bicep muscles and a flat stomach, but now….Well, if hard-headed counts, then for sure, check. Is DH dangerous? He likes risk, which is why he drives fast, skis, scuba dives, and swims in rivers. All things a safe person like me disdains. Definitely check. And if you add all that up, somehow someone like me finds him to be completely wonderful, even though he watches poker with the children. So big check!


  1. Hi Deborah,

    Nice to be back home and visiting my favourite blogs again.

    I'm still not sure how your blog dropped off my weekly list but let's blame it on te fact that I was in Sydney and in holiday mode.

    However, you'll see that I have partially compensated by adding it to the honourable mentions.

    My sincere apologies for the error.


  2. David,

    No apology is necessary. However, I was worried you were a diehard Donny Osmond or Will Smith, or Dick Cheney fan and I had somehow offended you. Thank goodness you were only distracted by your vacationing and not my rantings.

    It's great to have you back.


  3. for the record, DH is only dangerous when DW takes the remote away from me!

  4. Just for the record, I would never be so foolish as to take the remote control away from DH. That would be just plain dangerous.

  5. Hi Deb, Just got off the phone with DH. Guess what? He wants to teach S1 and S2 Poker. Go figure! See ya in two weeks. JV

  6. JV-
    You actually got a hold of and personally spoke to DH? Congratulations!!


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