Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Checking Account in Check

Despite the less than spring-like temperatures lately, I am convinced that spring is here. I’ve received confirmation as to the truth of this surmise based on the fact that most everything is growing. My sneezy nose and weepy eyes will attest to the fact that the pollen count is thickening. And S1 and S2 have been less than thrilled about the lawn mowing required since the grass is rising. But sprouting has occurred beyond the obvious springtime cues.

For example, D2’s unfinished homework pile is swelling. My restaurant accounting paperwork is mounting. The laundry pile is always flourishing. And since it’s been a few months since New Years Resolutions, although I've avoided obtaining actual proof, it's possible I may be thriving as well.

There is hardly anything around me that is not expanding. Except…unfortunately, despite the tulips planted by the front doors of the depository, and the cheesy Easter cut outs at the teller windows, my bank account seems to be oblivious to all hints that spring is here.


  1. Mowing grass!! Flowers!!! *GROAN!* You have to rub it in, don't you! We got a 24 hour snowstorm a couple of days ago-nothing is green here. *sob*

  2. You sob about nothing green in Canada and I'll sob about no green in my bank account. We'll have our own little pity party, together.

  3. Sounds good-my place or your...Duh...yours of course-we're getting another snowstorm tonight *sob*


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