Friday, April 27, 2007

Sing, Sing a Song Part Two

Vacations at Grandma and Grandpa's house in California were a life of luxury!

My sisters and I would use the nutrition facts on the side of the cold cereal box and carefully calculate to make sure we ate enough bowls of the munchy, crunchy, milk soaked grains to equal 100% of all our daily vitamins and minerals. We would not leave the breakfast table until we all completed the goal. There was no reason to load up as such at the morning meal, we just did it because of our love for the frosty flakes and because Grandma didn't care at all.

Then we would leave our grandparent's large, spacious, air-conditioned, custom home to sit in the RV parked on the RV pad. There we would sit for hours playing Uno and eating Pringles. And once again, we were shocked, because Grandma didn't care one bit! You'd think she or Mom would miss us, being out there all day, away from their side, but they seemed to handle our absence surprisingly well.

Sadly, vacations don't last forever. And it is a scientifically proven fact that while traveling to California in the rear of a station wagon takes forever and a day, traveling back home to Iowa takes even longer.

But not to disappoint anyone, on the way home, my sisters and I would create even more original numbers. This was an all-time favorite:

Oh, I wouldn't live up North it's way too cold,
Wouldn't live down South it's way too hot,
Wouldn't live our East it's just not right,
Wouldn't live out West it's not my type.
So I'll just stick in the middle of the U. S.,
Just stick in the middle of the U. S.,
All ---- My ---- Life because
I wouldn't live up north it's way too cold...

{Repeat until you hyperventilate}

I really wish I could sing these for you all, but come to our next family reunion and my siblings and I will gladly perform them in person.


  1. Ah, car rides. I don't remember ever taking family vacations, but my dad was in the Army, and with every new location, there was a long car ride to get there. From FL to CA. CA to WA. WA to GA, etc. My sister and I would fight, sing, fight (get in trouble for fighting), laugh (and get in trouble for laughing), until eventually, my parents drove two cars and we were separated. One of us rode with my mom in her car, and one of us rode with my dad in his car.

    In later years I learned things like as we were leaving a restaurant, my sister would take part of the tip my father would leave. She always had money at gas stations for candy and postcards, and I never understood how. She's changed her ways since then.

    Also, I used to be able to read for hours in the car, now it gives me an instant headache :(

    Thanks for bringing back some memories :)

  2. Abi,

    My reading days in the car are long gone as well. Too bad!

    I'm wondering how good a Butterfinger tastes whe it is purchased with stolen tip money?

    Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me,


  3. Deb, you could always gabcast your song *grin*

  4. Hi Deborah,

    Uno's big in our house, too! It will never go out of style as far as I'm concerned.



  5. Eve,
    Gabcast,huh? I think I'm getting stage fright already just thinking about it. Maybe I could hire someone to sing it for me on the gabcast....

  6. David,
    We have since graduated to Nertz . It is a roudy, fast game of cards that I can't get enough of. Of course, don't try to play against my brother and his wife. They're killer instinct is unmerciful and you won't stand a chance.

  7. Err.. this is a truly wonderful, and lovingly crafted song Debs, not at all daft in any sense of the word..

  8. I'm honored to make it into your blog Deb!...well, at least the comments section! Thanks! :)

  9. Shrink Wrapped,
    Now that is more like it. Thank you. A compliment well deserved, I know!

  10. Malia,
    The honor is all mine. Just to be invivted to play a game with you and my brother...There is a distinction in being good enough to be invited to that table. I recognize it, I value it, I will treasure it always.


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