Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hey, Jen, Mi Casa es Su Casa

I have a confession. I am a diehard American Idol fan. As that makes me only one of over 30 million people, in this regard I am not very unique. But someone who is not so commonplace is Jennifer Lopez. In case you forgot to pay your cable bill, Ms. Lopez was the guest performer/mentor during Latin week on American Idol.

Supportive dialogue unfolded as J Lo coached the contestants, yet I am still reeling from her more personal confessions. For one, Jen disclosed that at her house they watch American Idol every week. Secondly, she professed her adoration for Beatboxer Blake Lewis. These revelations caught my attention because I had no idea that Jennifer Lopez and I had so much in common. Seriously, who knew? Just think about it. Every Tuesday and Wednesday when Jen and Marc are sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn viewing the American Idol gang, well so are DH and I! And when I am mesmerized during another one of Blake’s stellar performances, J Lo is swooning too.

It is just so surreal that she and I are so alike. Never in a million years would I have guessed it. But the secret is out, and our parallel lives are more than obvious. Seeing as we are practically sisters, I should give her a call this week ‘cause I’m certain she’ll want my banana bread recipe. And since we are so tight, maybe she can loan me that armful of silver bangles ‘cause dang they are hot!


  1. I'm sure your hubby wouldn't mind her loaning you a few outfits-since your so close and all *grin*

    Hey-I posted more "characters"! You gotta check them out :)

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Always an entertaining blog. Hope your hayfever is better.

    Look after yourself.


  3. Malia,
    I know I love it too: Jen and I, isn't that great?

  4. Eve,

    Jen's outfits, huh? Hmmmm...thinking I better start with the bracelets and work my way there.

    Your characters are awesome!

  5. David,

    Hayfever is no better, but with my Nascort and tissues I'll make it through.

    I should be better by July!


  6. Deb, hay fever season has not hit here yet (still winter-dontcha know!) but I've got two tissues stuck up my nose for when it does. I am prepared!

    Glad you liked my characters :)

  7. Eve,
    The characters have been fun - I'd really like to see the allergy-ready, tissue donning, Eve character! That's a funny picture - at least the one in my mind is.


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