Monday, April 9, 2007

Donny Osmond is My American Idol

My mom’s little neighbor saw DH at one of our restaurants the other day. She tugged at her mother’s arm and said, “I know that guy from somewhere.” While pointing to DH, the 5-year old brunette continued, “I think he’s on American Idol.”

Well, in case you did not already know, DH is not nor has he ever been on American Idol. In fact he is not famous at all. No one in our family is famous. Infamous? Yeah, there’s a couple, but not famous. And we live in Utah so we rarely get to see famous people. Oh, I know Robert Redford supposedly lives 8 miles down the road from me. And while I’ve been to his resort many, many times for dinners, concerts, and parties, I have disappointingly never even caught a glimpse of his shoelace.

So I was caught completely off guard the other day when D2’s neighbor friend was talking about her other friend with a famous uncle. I questioned the neighbor friend and asked, “What is he famous for?” “I guess he’s a really good singer. But I don’t know ‘cause I’ve never heard him sing,” she diplomatically replied. “Hmmm,” I prodded, “But you’re sure he’s famous?” “My friend says her uncle is very famous,” she assured me. “His name is Donny Osmond,” then with a shoulder shrug and with both palms facing up, she looks directly at my stunned face, “I know, I’ve never heard of him either.”

Da….Wh….Ah….OH MY HECK!!!! I had no idea that D2’s friend was hangin’ at Donny Osmond’s niece's house! He’s not just famous, he’s dreamy. "Paper Roses", oh how I love paper roses. I never missed a single episode of Donny and Marie growing up. Of course the ultimate was his performance in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the DVD of which I own and watch in high definition on our 50” Sony purely for the astounding Biblical insight it provides.

It has been a couple days since D2’s friend broke me the news, but my stomach is still in knots. I’ve already decided I need to volunteer to be my neighbor girl’s full-time chauffeur for play dates and certainly all birthday parties. I’m thinking a birthday party at a famous person’s niece's house, would call for mandatory chaperoning, especially if the extended family is invited. And perhaps I could sneak off during Pin the Tail on the Donkey and see what old posters or purple socks are lurking in the basement. Oh, and my camera – I’ll definitely need that. Actually, maybe the Polaroid and a Sharpie, so Donny can autograph the birthday party photos. For D2’s friend, of course. Oooh, and I need some really good recording device so when he sings “Happy Birthday” I can capture the vocal and then I’ll sell it as an mp3 on iTunes. It is clear that I’ve got some planning to do.

You know, this is all really DH's fault. If only he had some kind of American Idol connection, I wouldn’t have to go to these great lengths just to stalk a celebrity.


  1. She didn't know who Donny Osmond is????? Where has she been all her life?

    My little brother used to have purple socks. As I recall, he used to put them on so we could pretend to be Donny & Marie.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog.

  2. I know! Apparently in her short ten years she has missed out. Missed out on all of that lil' bit of country and lil' bit of rock-n-roll....

  3. She and I will hang out together, for I too, do not know who Donny is *grin*

  4. Eve, Eve, Eve,
    What am I going to do with you? It is obvious you are in need of Donny Osmond Fan Club mentoring. Whether you want it or not. Your assignment for the week is to rent and watch Mulan. Then check back for next week's task.

  5. Done that already...what's next? What does that have to do with Donny? *looking around in confusion*

  6. Donny is the star of Mulan - well other than Mulan herself. He is the brave/hottie Asian warrior dude - the one that sings, "I'll Make a Man Out of You". Poor Eve - you really are lost when it comes to Donny aren't you?

  7. Totally-although I think I liked the song...

  8. What do you mean you do not know any famous people?? Hello!! I am right here!! I do all the radio commericals for The Opera House AND Chautauqua Health and Fitness not to mention some other fill ins occasionally!! AND I am filming a TV commercial in a week! I AM FEELING PRETTY FAMOUS!

    ~Youngest Sister Kim

  9. I'm sorry. Who are you? Kim ? Do I know you??

  10. no love... I'm telling you... no love...

    ~ Kim

  11. “My friend says HER dad is very famous,” she assured me. “His name is Donny Osmond,”

    Donny has no daughters.

  12. I love Donny Osmond and have since I was 4 years old


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