Friday, June 1, 2007

Parting is Such Sheep Sorrow

Because Bart has been clamoring for more missionary tales, and since I've only told one or two, I've got another today. As I have not served a mission, this story is retold from the DH archives.

One particular missionary that served in England with DH was Elder Poulsen. Elder Poulsen was a country boy from Utah, and playing pranks on other missionaries was his forte. He was so evil he made DH look like a choir boy.

More than one unsuspecting missionary had been left in the dust by Elder Poulsen because a bike tire had abruptly fallen off mid ride. Further investigation into the unfortunate accident would reveal that the tire bolt had been mysteriously loosened only minutes earlier. The destruction had most likely been done while the missionary companion had run back into the flat, on behalf of Elder Poulsen's request, for a forgotten leaflet.

Several elders (male missionaries) had uncomfortable conversations with sisters (female missionaries) because they needed to temper supposed romantic inclinations. They had been told in confidence by Elder Poulsen that a certain female missionary had the "hots for them." Of course, none of the alleged romantic feelings had been substantiated by any inkling of proof, which is probably what made the drama so seemingly enjoyable for Elder Poulsen.

Because of his reckless nature, many of the other missionaries were not so fond of Elder Poulsen, and they did little to hide their lack of affection.

Near the very end of Elder Poulsen's two year mission, several missionaries were celebrating his upcoming departure from England. But some seemed more contrite. A few of the missionaries in Elder Poulsen's mission sent him a package shortly before his scheduled departure date.

Elder Poulsen received the package one afternoon in the mail. Sitting in the flat he shared with three other missionaries, he unwrapped the twine and tore off the brown paper. The box of chocolates immediately had the others' eyes, but Elder Poulsen refused to share. He first looked inside at the hand written card from the kind-hearted package-posting missionaries.

Upon opening the note, Elder Poulsen read a sincere message his fellow missionaries had written. Expressing gratitude for his work ethic and example, the missionaries wrote of their respect for him and their confidence in Elder Poulsen and his abilities. They concluded with sharing their love for him and the work with which they were all involved.

Not one to be emotional, even Elder Poulsen was more than misty eyed by the peace offering. Still refusing the pleadings to share from his flat mates, he popped a chocolate in his mouth and began to open another letter.

After sucking on the soft melting chocolate for a minute, a striking putrid taste began to emit from the delicacy. Elder Poulsen quickly spit out the offending treat. Then he looked around. Apparently, having given up on receiving even one morsel of chocolate, and deeply engrossed in their own letters from home, none of the fellow missionaries had noticed Elder Poulsen's half-eaten confection.

In an uncharacteristic streak of generosity, Elder Poulsen threw a chocolate morsel to each of the other missionaries. They quickly gobbled the rare treats with delight, so Elder Poulsen tossed them each another.

Midway through the second round, one of them caught on to Elder Poulsen's inconsistent sharing of chocolates. In a loud gagging eruption, the fellow missionary's taste buds told him the truth about the supposed treats.

When eaten quickly, one could hardly notice, but when slowly enjoyed, the triple chocolate dipped sheep droppings were positively awful.


  1. What a way to start your summer - with sheep's droppings!! LOL - sounds like being a missionary is hazardous to your health!

  2. Oh that is postively awful. In the end they couldn't get him, he had the last laugh!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

  3. Yuk! And I haven't had my breakfast yet. Enjoy your day and the trip to Disney. Joanne

  4. That's terribly funny. I ate a lot of weird things on my mission, but am glad I missed out on chocolate dipped sheep droppings. Ew!

  5. OzLady,

    I used to work with the aforementioned Elder Poulsen, though I called him Brent. Simply being around him in any setting was a possibility for hazard.

  6. Amanda,

    Perfectly summed up. Elder Poulsen left that mission that Victorious Prankster.

  7. Joanne,

    Sorry to ruin breakfast. Hope it wasn't the Lehi Roller Mills Blueberry Pancakes. If so I'll hop a plane and be right over to eat them for you.

    Did DH tell you Disney is a secret? The kids have no idea! This is going to be fun!

  8. Compulsive Writer,

    Yes, no matter where you served I would suspect chicolate covered sheep droppings did not often make the menu.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  9. Bart,

    Okay, okay I confess that was a bold face lie. You were not begging for more missionary stories. But you're such a good sport I figured you wouldn't mind me teasing you.

  10. Oh I don't. Only keeping you honest. :D

  11. Now, that's one I've never heard of.....I was totally expecting chocolate covered sheep (something else)!

  12. Hi Debbie,

    Poor lambs! I hope the victims weren't too sheepish.

    You do tell a very good story!



  13. Mmmmm. Chocolate-covered dingle berries....

    That was raucously funny! (Did I spell that right?) You do have a way with storytelling.

  14. Bart-
    Thanks for being a good sport!

  15. b. -
    Chocolate covered something else. That would be evil too!! Yuck!!

  16. David,

    And you leave a very good comment! Sheepish - love it!

  17. Julie,

    Now there's a twenty-fve cent word: "raucously". Very nice!


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