Monday, June 25, 2007

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...

"Mom, if this world had super powers, I know what yours would be: cleaning!" - D2

Don't be too impressed, I am not Super Cleaning Mom. Her standard for cleanliness is simply not as high as most people's.


  1. What does your super costume look like? Apron, rubber gloves and a Do-Rag?

  2. Chewy,

    I usually save the apron for baking and cooking not cleaning. One lgance at my manicure will confirm i often forget to wear gloves. Now a do-rag - that would be hot!

  3. Annie,

    Compliments of Costco our faucet is the thrid such one we have purchased for that sink in the last seven years. Apparently we are a bit hard on them. !?

  4. So now I am envious of both your super cleaning powers and your faucet with a view. My kitchen sink looks directly into a mirror. So I have a natural adversion to cleaning...

  5. Compulsive,

    I don't clean well in front of mirrors either. Much too distracting!

  6. That cleaning generation is dying out. The open question is whether we're evolving or devolving from that state of being.

  7. Jason,

    Welcome to my blog. Much to my children's chagrin, the cleaning to do in my house has no end in sight.


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