Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Perfect Prayer Prank

DH has only a mild history of being a jester. But the few gags he has done have been well executed (putting aside the obvious Bob's Big Boy incident, of course). Evil scheming authored the Greeny Companion Gag he pulled on some poor lad in England.

In the late 80's DH went to England for two years to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Donning the title of "Elder", this was to be two years of spiritual growth for an otherwise immature 19-year-old. It is common to be paired with another young male "companion" and together they were to spread a message of Christ and the Gospel. For the most part, that was the lofty work DH was involved in during those two years. But that is not to suggest he was a perfect saint

After DH had been in England for more than a year, he received a new companion fresh from the United States (aka "A Greeny"). Fighting a terrible case of jet lag, this new missionary was not very successful at avoiding the urge to doze off during what should have been wakeful hours.

Soon it was Sunday morning which for two missionaries, obviously meant time to attend church. Sure enough, once the opening hymn was sung and opening prayer was given, this new messenger to England was sound asleep in an awkward upright position. DH, let the poor boy snooze for some time. Amazed at the young man's ability to be so soundly slumbering during the middle of the morning, DH quickly developed a not-so-righteous plan.

During a lull not more than half way through the Sabbath Day meeting, DH gave the inexperienced missionary a huge elbow and whispered, "Elder, the Bishop just asked you to give the closing prayer." Abruptly brought back from dreamland the obedient missionary promptly walked to the front of the chapel, stood at the pulpit, looked over the unsuspecting crowd, then bowed his head and eloquently prayed a blessing on the congregation to close the meeting.

A bit bewildered, the Bishop stood up. As the newly hazed missionary walked back to sit next to DH, who was doubled over in pain trying to silence his body from exploding in hilarity, the Bishop quickly suggested, "While our new Elder has given us a closing prayer, I think we will keep going for at least a few more minutes."


  1. Deb, I am learning so much about DH and his mischievous manners. Keep them coming. I have 40 yrs of catching up. Joanne

  2. Joanne,
    Yes, you do have some catching up to do. But I'm sure these would not be the stories DH would hand pick for me to share.

  3. *roaring with laughter and wiping tears*

  4. DH, mate,

    You and I are blood brothers. Seriously, can you go and check your family tree?

    All right, Debbie, now I guess I have to tell the truth about the Prank Phone Call on Deadline.

    Love ya work


  5. Eve,
    Do you think your missionary work will be this fun? I bet DH could give you some great pointers. Then again...

  6. David,
    Anxiously awaiting the Prank Phone Call on Deadline blog...

  7. Deb and DH,

    I have heard this story before... I have told this story before... AND I STILL THINK IT IS HILLARIOUS!! And it has also scared me into staying awake in church. DH - you went on your mission with a felony record... pulled pranks like this... I bet your mission president LOVED you! It is always good to keep it real!
    ~youngest sister Kim

  8. Kim,
    Mission President Robert Garff found Darrell to be a "special" missionary I am sure.


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