Friday, June 29, 2007

More D2 Funnies: Another Fast One

Background #1: In the LDS (Mormon) religion we set aside one Sunday a month known as Fast Sunday. Members typically come to church fasting for about 24 hours total. DH and I don't require the little children to fast, but when they get older we encourage them to fast for one meal which is often Sunday morning breakfast.

Background #2: Our typical Sunday meeting schedule is a 3 hour block. That puts us at church at least an hour or two longer than D2 would like.

One Sunday morning S2 and D2 sat at the kitchen bar. They had an array of newly-purchased cereals lined up in front of them from which they were freely partaking. I walked in and immediately S2 stopped mid mouthful and asked guiltily, with milk dripping from the corners of his mouth, "Today's not Fast Sunday is it?"

"No," I smiled, "Not until next week."

D2 groaned in reply, "Does that mean its gonna be a slow Sunday then?"


  1. I like ceral, but I like that mexican food you have on display at your other blog a lot better. Unfortunately there is not any good mexican restaurants where I live.........

  2. You're a good mom.
    Muffin Tops??? Where do I buy that one?

  3. I don't see any Cheerios in the mix. They are my favorite. If I retire in Utah I may have to stay with you for awhile. Can I bring my coffee?

  4. Jazzycat -

    Bajio is the best food ever! Maybe someday I'll really start and keep up with that blog.

  5. b. -
    Muffin Tops? I know weird one - never seen it. I stole the pic off the web.

  6. Joanne,

    Bring your coffee! We'll supply the Cherrios. Yippee!

  7. ....and mini-spooners? Is that kinda like a quickie or a nooner?

  8. She's a clever little jokester, isn't she.

    I like the way you are incrementally training your children to grow up and do adult things. Fasting may be a bit much for a youngster, but one meal is do-able. It sounds like a smart way to make the transition.

    My church does not practice fasting on a regular basis. It is usually kept a secret. On Sundays though, my family gives Mrs. Craver a break from the kitchen, so we sometimes only have two meals and we all generally fend for ourselves.

  9. b.-

    You are hilarious! And a little naughty. I love it! I'll never look at that cereal - which is a staple in our house - the same again.

  10. Craver,

    She wasn't even trying to be funny. That is the really funny part about it!

    So glad Mrs. Craver gets an occassional break in the kitchen on Sundays.

    Personally, I take breaks much more often than that. There is a lot of fending for yourself at my house. Which is why I teach everyone how to make a pb and j sandwich by age two. So there is never an excuse for starvation.

  11. Gotta Love those off brand cereals. But to really save $, try buying them in 20 pound bags or dumped onto your driveway like mulch.

  12. Dr. Zibbs,

    A delivery truck will come dump them in the driveway for you? Really? I gotta try that!


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