Monday, June 11, 2007

Old Car New Car

I try not to be vain. I really do. But now that our GMC Yukon is finally paid for, it is old. And I don't like it.

The carpet in the back is irreparably stained from a Costco Berry Smoothie. Have you ever had one? Mmmmm they are great! But not when spilled all over the carpet of your car. The guy at SuperSonic Car Wash shook his head in defeat when I brought it in for a cleaning.

The passenger side door features a scratched paint mural that D2 created with a saw when she was three. No, I have no idea what my three year-old was doing unsupervised with a saw. While its abstract nature vaguely resembles one of Chewy's pieces, it has no place on my car door.

And the windshield has more chips than a bag of Doritos.

It isn't as bad as the old Mercury DH had a couple years ago, but it is much closer to the oxidized Mercury Sable than the 2007 Lexus LX470 that I'd really like to own.

Like most of our cars, DH bought the old blue Mercury through a "deal" from a friend. For $600 he was thrilled to have a car to put a ton of miles on with all the driving he was doing between restaurants. So he sold his fine German-manufactured automobile and insisted he didn't care what people thought when seeing him drive around in that car.

I, on the other me crazy, but I cared. However, with gas prices creeping upward, and my growing concern for the environment, even I was occasionally tempted to drive the old blue Sable instead of the Yukon for errands around town. And I enjoyed the irony that when it was loaded with goods from Costco, the car's value doubled.

One day I had driven the Blue Beast to run errands. As I was driving in a parking lot, I saw a friend that I had not seen for over a year. She is the kind of woman that has never been spotted without perfect hair, clothes, jewelry and makeup. Even her children, dog and husband are immaculately groomed. As she drove by in her brand new champagne colored SUV, I waved. She didn't seem to see me, so I waved bigger. She still didn't seem to recognize me.

Then reality struck and I immediately understood why she did not notice me. She probably falsely assumed none of her friends drive 1986 Mercury Sables that barely run, so she did not give me a second glance.

DH's Mercury finally gave out and we replaced it with a new, gas efficient little number. But how long will I hold out before buying a new family car?

DH says we should drive the Yukon until the kids are grown, since it is already broken in. I might be okay with that plan, if we hadn't started over with having a child last summer.

However, even if I could afford the Lexus LX470, how would it look in a couple years, when D3 finds the saw D2 used and creates her own Chewy-like masterpiece on the car door?


  1. Well, thanks for the mention and link... um... Kids shouldn't be playing with saw blades,

    BUT... what a great idea for a new art form! I'll carry a sharp metal object with me, I guess keys will do. Oh, and a camera to capture it. Just imagine... my art traveling around on it's own 4 wheels! LOL! Will you bail me out of jail? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    (Do I sound like that scary hb guy?)

  2. Chewy,

    Yes, you are scaring me a bit! There is such thing as taking an idea too far. Isn't there?

  3. Deborah, How did you put a link in the comment?

  4. (blushing) Oh, I would never really do that.

  5. Chewy -

    I emailed you directly with the html to do that. And I know you would never create artwork on other people's cars. Unless they deserved it, of course.

  6. Thanks a bunch Deb. It worked! I put a test link in the comments for my latest painting. I'm going to write about how to do this tomorrow or maybe tonight at my blog. I'll give you credit and a link. Woo-Hoo!

  7. Aw look, bonding!

    Oh, and Deborah...ah ah ah...thou shalt not covet...:D

  8. I totally relate to this - DH just switched cars on me and I'm not really happy about the whole thing. We're a one car family (the country is so small), so I'm stuck with the new purchase.


    Men. And their cars. :/

  9. Holy cow, Bart! Are you quoting the Bible? Perhaps Sunday School wasn't so traumatic after all.

  10. Ozlady,

    Thank you for the empathy. It is well received.

  11. That was my mother's theory, though. I personally think I simply didn't like it, and would rather have spent my Sunday's with my father (who didn't go to church).

    Also, I'm a fairly smart guy, Deborah...I've picked up a few things in my travels. :) There was a time when I looked in to many of the major religions to see if there was something out there for me. I really didn't find anything specific, though, but I did pick up quite a few things.

  12. Bart,

    I think I understand a bit of what you may have found in looking into various religions. I took a Religions of the World class for my International Relations major and it was one of my favortie classes in college. It was so surprising for me as a lifelong Mormon to realize how much truth seems to be in many religions.

  13. (Scratching my head)

    I thought we were talking about cars?

    I test drove a GMC Acadia. Boy, that was nice.

    The Pain Mobile smells like stale french fries, but it's paid for.

  14. Annie,

    Yes, it seems we have strayed a bit off topic.

    GMC Acadia, huh? That looks nice too!

    I'd say the only thing that smells better than a new car with new car smell is a car that is paid for. Even if it does smell like stale french fries.

  15. We're looking to buy a 15 passenger van--probably used. What kind of (anti)social status does that bump me into?

  16. We're planning to buy a used car that is suitable for our family lifestyle. We used to go roadtrip along with some relatives so i guess, it would be a hard find. I'm looking for car with no accident history or any kind of major parts replacement. My old car got several replacement parts like nissan header, strut, radiator and more.

  17. I want to go back to the waving thing. I think I would have said, "Okay kids, on the count of three, we shoot a moon at Mrs. So-and-so. It's alright kids; she probably won't see anyway. One, two, THREE!"

    Oops. Um, hello Officer. Is there a problem?

  18. I go with DH's reccommendation and let the kids continue to destroy that one. I got a new Jeep Commander last year and within the first month there is a sizable scratch on the car door and the seats and carpet were stained!! Why try? I still drive my 2001 Olds Aurora... I love it.... but it is time I go down to one vehicle... anyone want it?
    ~youngest sister Kim

  19. Jennifer -
    That will put you in a class all your own!

  20. Lauren,
    Sounds like your car shopping is for real. Me. I'm just dreamin'.

  21. Craver,

    How uncharacteristically naughty of you!

  22. Kim,

    You sound like you are giving your Olds Aurora away to the first lucky passer-by.

  23. Hi Debbie,

    I reckon you'd look wonderful, enthroned in a Lexus.



  24. David,

    Yes I would! You are absolutely right. You'll be helping me with DH on this whole thing, right? Seeing as your practically brothers and all.


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