Monday, June 18, 2007

Heart Attacks are For Hunks

I drove past this billboard the other day and was mildly amused. As a vegetarian, (aside from an occasional fish fillet), I initially took offense to the advertisement. I may not eat very many dead animals, but that does not make me a cowardly baby.

A second look confirmed the extremely poor condition of the sign. It is obvious whatever brave flesh eater put it up, has not been back to check on its condition, or re-glue and staple the edges.

I am left to suppose the heroic red meat indulging marketer has most likely suffered some set back that has wielded him or her unable to maintain their business' marketing efforts. I don't know if it was coronary artery disease, hypertension, obesity or some form of cancer, that got to them.

However, I do know that anyone reading this all but abandoned billboard should think twice about actually eating a juicy sirloin from Ruby River Steakhouse. And I'll think twice about how delicious my salad with pears, feta, grapes and pine nuts tossed with raspberry vinaigrette is at lunch today.


  1. That's the way to stick it to 'em, Deb! Bunch of Ruby River sissies!

  2. Growing up on a small farm in Oregon, I've developed a taste for both steak and salad. Will they somehow cancel each other out and make me even?

    p.s. Your lunch salad sounds lovely. Do you have a recipe for your raspberry vinaigrette?

  3. I'm a roast beef and salad sandwich fan myself. Turns out the prawns (shrimp) make my cholesterol rocket!! So much for seafood - gonna stick to me roast beef!

    [although I don't mind turkey with cranberry sauce as well]

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Nice one - and a nice picture. As someone who is happy to have a salad, I guess the guy who put up the sign must have changed his diet, hence he never came back to fix the sign.

    I'm so glad you shared that with us - and that we're seeing more of your photography, too!



  5. Dalene,

    I'm no nutritionist, but I'd say steak and salad should cancel each other out just fine.

    My lunch salad is a copy cat from my favorite deli/cafe in NYC: Cosi's.

    I ran to the fridge to double check and my raspberry vinaigrette recipe is Girards Raspberry Dressing from Albertsons. Not too sweet, not too vinegary.

  6. Ozlady,

    I'm not a shellfish fan myself. Mostly due to the summer I spent working at a lobster restaurant in Maine with Bob and Barb.

  7. David,

    Always an optimist. I love it! DH says I'm a pessimist. I prefer realist.

  8. Your salad sounds yummy! I like my cows and the greenery.

  9. Eve,

    It is almost as ymmuy as chocolate cake. Almost.

  10. I love steak and salad too. I am really just a bajiotarianivore, how's that for being specific?
    I'm your biggest cheerleader!

  11. b. Cheerleader,

    A bajiotarianivore sounds perfect!!!


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