Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"A kiss is the shortest distance between two." Henny Youngman

I grew up being taught to abide by relatively high moral standards. As far as chastity goes, even 2nd and 3rd base before marriage were considered inappropriate.

But kissing. Kissing was okay. So I did a lot of it.

However, I wish I had been told the great advice of, "Never let a fool kiss you and never let a kiss fool you." I am afraid I let more than one fool kiss me, and I was fooled by more kisses than I am probably aware.

Since my kissing escapades are too humiliating to discuss here, I'll share one from someone else. We'll call her Cindy, since that is her name. Cindy was raised in much the same manner as I was. And she finished the line, "You know you have kissed too many boys when...." more perfectly than anyone I've ever heard before.

Cindy had concluded giving a lecture at a local conference when an unknown man came up to her afterward. He reminisced, "Hey, I remember you. You were a great kisser!"

The man's identity is still a mystery to Cindy, which she finds a bit bothersome. I don't think she should be concerned, since it is clear that her talent was obviously more memorable than his.


  1. Hell, I'd be proud! (But then, in my dotage, any past flirtations are a source of validation for me..) Sigh.

  2. shrink Wrapped,

    You're a scream! And I agree, she should be proud!

  3. precisely!...kissing is an art defined by our hearts...the more passionately you love the better you kiss...

    good thought for my day now..


  4. You mean right on the mouth??? Bleaakthhhh-tooey! Kooties!

  5. Hi Debbie,

    Saw a great fridge magnet once: ``Girls kiss lots of frogs before they find their handsome prince''.

    Keep smiling


  6. Karoline,

    Beautifully spoken.


  7. Craver,

    Yes, right on the mouth. Thank you for keeping this blog at a junio high level!

  8. David,

    I think we girls kiss alot of frogs, slamanders, and lizards. And by that I am referring to Craver's "Bleaakthhhh-tooey"! thnak goodness for finding a prince.


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