Saturday, June 9, 2007

SeaWorld Wonders

We recently returned from a trip to Southern California. Part of our itinerary included a day at SeaWorld. One of the rides at this theme park is Shipwreck Rapids. Here you float in a raft-like over sized inner tube through waves and caves.

It is one of those rides where you may get a little sprinkle, you may stay perfectly dry, or you could get soaked. Only the Shipwreck Rapids River Gods (and S1 and DH pouring quarters in the water guns along the sidelines) seem to determine your fate.

As I was not in the mood for a wet t-shirt contest, I opted out of the ride and sent D1, S2, and D2 by themselves. Meeting them at the ride exit, after each trip they begged to ride again. After the third time through the ride, they were all very wet!

As we left the attraction I saw two young boys leaving with their mom. They each had an arm around one of her legs and were grinning from ear to ear. "Mom" looked as though she fit in the "get soaked" category of riders leaving the attraction. As they passed by we overheard her oldest boy exclaim, "Thanks, Mom!" It made one consider that perhaps "Mom" had been a not-so-willing rapids rider. Then the small family turned in front of us, and I saw a bit more of "Mom" then she probably would have preferred.

I can only assume that she did not consider that wearing blue thong underwear with white cotton shorts made for an unwise clothing choice, since when they were dripping wet, there was little left to the imagination.


  1. Michelle ThurgoodJune 9, 2007 at 8:47 PM

    Yikes! I always wear a poncho on that ride. My S2 especially loves the ride and rode it probably close to 20 times last year. He is always kind enough to to talk off the ear of all the other riders of our raft. He starts at the beginning and gives everyone a play by play of what they're about to experience like, "Just around this corner there's a waterfall..oh and then there's a squirting piano so watch out!"

  2. Michelle,
    I had even saved my SeaWorld poncho from my last trip, but forgot to bring it. Naturally, DH could have really used it on the Atlantis ride. At least he rode it early in the day so he had a lot of time for his tennis shoes to dry out before we left the park. Than again, no, not even close to enough time.

  3. I have not been to Sea World, but can imagine the thong look. Glad you had a great time. Is DH just one of the kids when you take him out to amusement parks? I think so! Joanne

  4. Sea World is the one place I live for wet T-shirt contests. Of the mostly modest variety.

    I love to sit in the splash zone at the Shamu show.

  5. I'm sad I missed you - we could have had lunch. I would have loved to meet those crazy, blogging kids of yours.

    Hope you enjoyed our weather - it's been pretty good lately. Did your house swap work out? Or did you opt for a hotel?

  6. Joanne,
    Don't try to imagine the thong look to hard. It isn't so pretty.

  7. Compulsive,

    We sat in the Splash Zone once. Yes, once and only once. Never again.

  8. Abi-

    Are you in San Diego?? Dang! We should of hooked up.

    The house swap never materialized, though some guy from Shanghai did ask if I'd like to swap with his studio apartment. Had to turn him down. We also received a lovely offer form someone in London. But alas, it was Southern California we were after.

    We stayed at my grandparents and a hotel part of the time.


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