Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I am going to be away on vacation for the next little while. But it won't be the relaxing lounging type pictured above. My vacation this weekend will involve DH and I driving with five children in the car for at least 20 hours. My vacation changes next week (for better or worse is yet to be seen) when I (sans DH) take 40 girls ages 12-17 camping with a bunch of dirt and without electricity, refrigeration, or showers. For five days. Now you all wish you were me, don't you?

While I'm gone you can read:

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My brother's favorite post

My brother's least favorite post (Please remember, b., I wrote this before I met you)

I'll catch up on all your blogs after the 15th!


  1. Ok,just for clarification: I come from a long line of S Effers. But, I was born in Washington, grew up in Orem (pronounced Arr-um), and lived a year in New York. We now live in the County. My side of the road is SF across the street is Salem. I have a Salem phone number (my kids go to Salem schools and will attend Salem High School as soon as it's finished) and a SF address. I will occasionally slip into the Spanish Fark slanguage, sometimes I care, sometimes I don't. No offense taken.
    I think that is a hysterical post...and quite accurate!

  2. I just got back from a cottage complete with outhouse, mice, and mosquitoes.

    Amazingly, it also offers quite, dark starlit skies, bonfires, and great card games. :)

  3. Have a wonderful vacation - and thanks for leaving us things to read while you;re away.



  4. As David said... great idea of linking previous posts to read!

    20 hour drive? and then roughing it outdoors? You are strong.

  5. Thats a great idea; puttin links to your fac posts while your away. I'ma check em out and i'll probably nab your idea when i next take a break.

  6. eugh... camping, sounds horrible, damn nature and its lack of indoor plumbing.

  7. Come back, Debbie

    All is forgiven .....

    President of the Deborah Gamble Fan Club

  8. b.

    Loved your comment. Brother are you reading this? No offense meant and none taken. Oh, brother. Where art thou?

  9. Eve,

    That sounds like a certain form of vacation. I hope you brought mouse traps. And got lots of writing done.

  10. David,

    Thank you for keeping tabs on the fan club during my absence. It was a a great break, but i missed you all!

  11. If there were clean marble bathrooms with large jacuzzi tubs in the outdoors, I could camp year-round.

  12. Ak-man,

    The best form of flattery is imitation. So thank you!


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