Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Interview

Hello, all! I'm back. Or at least trying to be. In an effort to get me back in the swing of things, Chewy was kind enough to interview me. Our conversation went as follows:

Lunch hour ran a little long as I wrote this. Your blog is often about your loving family. Your writing is witty and uplifting. Here are five questions I propose to you. - Chewy

1. Why did you start blogging? What were your expectations? Are your expectations being fulfilled?

My life seems difficult right now. I started blogging to help me realize the joy I experience in life and to take my mind off my perceived troubles. Blogging has helped me do both, but has taken on a entire life of its own that I never expected.

2. I guess one doesn't need to cook to own a restaurant. (ha-ha) How did you get into the fast-casual Mexican restaurant business? What dish is most favored by your speedy-easygoing customers?

Neither DH nor I are a chef extraordinaire, nor did we ever expect to end up in the restaurant business. We have a good friend that started the first Bajio Mexican Grill in Provo, Utah. Dave encouraged and helped us to open franchises in neighboring Salt Lake County.

Our customers are easygoing. How did you know? Quite simply, they are the best!

We are famous for our Chicken Green Chile Salad as well as our Shrimp Tacos. Both of which used to be DH's favorites until he started smelling and cooking them, all day, everyday, for more than two years. I recommend that if you really like a restaurant, don't ever open up a franchise of that brand. Unless you are willing to lose your favorite dine out spot.

3. Seems kids always get embarrassed by their parents. How have you embarrassed your children lately? (You can ask the kids)

I embarrassed S1 yesterday, when I told DH that S1 shared a car with a cute girl during Driver's Ed. S1 immediately asked what made me think she was cute (since I had not personally seen her and he thought he had not indicated such). I said, "A mother know these things." The real answer is that he gave her coupons from his wallet to Bajio after she heard a radio advertisement in the car and made a positive comment about the restaurant. S1 doesn't come out of his shell for just anyone.

I embarrassed D1 at Girls Camp with 42 of her closest church friends. After a great deal of coercing I stood up during evening campfire and sang "No Bananas", complete with goofy actions.

4. My nephew, 12, is at the age when he is starting to spread his wings of independence. Have any of your brood gone a little too far in their test flights?

When D2 was only 18 months old, she learned how to open the front door. With older children going in and out, locking the door was not always practical and child safety door knobs only succeeded in keeping everyone but D2 from being able to open the door.

Early one Saturday morning my doorbell rang. After struggling a bit with the baby proof door knob, I tentatively answered the door, still in my pajamas.

To my surprise there stood my elderly neighbor from the end of the street. He was holding D2 who was in in her pajamas. Apparently she had crawled out of her crib, gone downstairs, opened the door and taken a stroll. My neighbor and his wife were enjoying breakfast on their deck and fortunately saw her toddle by.

I was immensely embarrassed at my apparent poor mothering. But not half as embarrassed as I was two hours later when during D2's supposed nap, my door bell rang and the entire scene was replayed.

5. If money were no object, what would you (and your family) do with the rest of your life?

This is an easy one. We would buy a terrific houseboat, and spend our life cruising on Lake Powell. Well, at least our springs, summers, and falls.

I REALLY want to interview you. Do YOU want to be interviewed?

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


  1. Glad you are back. I have missed your blog. DH owes me an email if you run into him. Great reunion, don't you think?

  2. Debbie... I am so excited that TOMORROW I think I am having Bajio's for lunch!! YEA!!! I really think we need one of those out here... Ready to expand your chain? The Chicken Green Chile Salad sounds fantastic... yummy!! Those stories of D2 and her artful escape are my favorite!! I love how you have no comments on this post - you scared your blogging friends away - no one wants to be interviewed....

    Come on DAVID! I'd read yours!!

    ~youngest sister Kim

  3. It was a pleasure to have interviewed you. And I hope a help to get back into blogging after your vacation. I enjoyed your answers. I laughed and then got very hungry.

  4. You could interview me. I know I've done one with Carol, but this could be as interesting, perhaps more so. For differing reasons.

  5. Joanne,

    Will give DH the message if he is still awake when I finally get to bed! Reunion rocked!

  6. Kim,

    Our chain is shrinking more than expanding this month. I think my readers all but gave up on me ever posting again. They'll come 'round soon enough when they smell dinner cooking.

  7. Chewy,

    It's all about the food isn't it? Though your bathing suit picture would ever reveal that about you.

  8. Bart,

    It is with great pleasure that I accept the offer to interview you. You are a very interesting man and so I am entirely unable to limit myself to only five questions.

    1. Your blog is chock full of sarcasm and humor. In elementary school were you the intellectual kid with a dry sense of humor that no one understood? Do you mind posting a picture from that era?

    2. You seem to be one that can get ticked off at seemingly small things, like big cars that park too close to your Japanese hybrid while you are picking up a ream of not-so-white 100% recycled paper at the office supply store. Or when people just misuse a common word that just about everyone misuses. Do you consider yourself short tempered? Or simply one who is passionate about things in which you believe? Were you raised by strong willed people that fought for their beliefs? Or what do you think causes you to react so strongly in certain situations?

    3. It is apparent you possess a distaste for organized religion. Or at least those religions with proselyting missionaries. However, are there any organizations to which you claim allegiance? A recreational soccer team? The local Thespian group? AA? Or a knitting club, perhaps? On a personal note, if there is ever anything I could do to get you to listen to the Mormon missionaries, is that something you would share with me?

    4. You seem to be a bit of a word wizard. A message mogul in a sense. Has your passion for the English language ever brought you real fame or benefit? For example, did you ever win the school spelling bee? Or have a Letter to the Editor published?

    5. I’m sure we’d all agree that your persuasive writing skills are top-notch. Did you ever consider law school? Or did you at least take the LSAT? If so, do you mind sharing your score with us? If not, have there been career dreams you wish you would have followed? Or still plan to follow?

    6. We are somewhat familiar with your book in progress about a has-been rock band. What about the roadie life interests you enough to write a novel surrounding that theme? And…When you were ten and the kids in your neighborhood formed a garage band (all kids do this at some point right?) did you play the Quaker Oatmeal cardboard cylinder drums? Or another instrument? You weren’t the lead singer were you?

    Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. I feel like Katie Couric. Except I’m not that small. And I’m not blonde. And I don’t live in NYC. And I don’t own anything Prada. Nevertheless, this was a hard-nosed interview, would you agree?

  9. Sorry, Chewy,
    Missed the 'n'. That was never, not ever.

  10. You're B A C K! Yeeeeeeee-haa! Hey, everyone, Debbie's back!

    Allow me to sweep the leaves from your doorstep before you enter, O Exalted Duchess of Utah.

    Welcome home

    Er, Kim, which David was that (see your comment above)

    Off to dance a jig because the Gamble family is home ....

    Tra la, tra la!!

    Keep smiling


  11. I also want to welcome you back, but David's got me laughing so hard, I can't think of anything else to say.

    Missed ya!

  12. Scarily enough, your interview is now posted.

  13. Apparently when one of my friends was little he managed to get in the car take off the handbrake and put the car in nuetral, so that was fun for his mother. Little kiddies know more than they let one... they are always hiding something.

  14. Just learned of your site.
    Of course, you know that if you want to give your customers the very, very best in green (or red) chili, it must come from Hatch, N.M.
    I'll be back.

  15. Welcome back!

    Here is the thing to be thankful for regarding your #4: At least D2 was dressed. I used to get calls from various neighbors politely asking if I knew that my youngest son was up at so-and-so's house completely naked. I always wanted to reply, "If I looked that cute naked I'd be right there with him."

  16. Dan,

    I am distinctly honored at your willingness to be interviewed by me. It is not often I receive the opportunity to converse with someone possessing such a shroud of allure.

    1. I must begin with the obvious. Your posted photo is one that generates curiosity. As a consultant in the conservative town of Chicago I would suspect that your hair is not really blue. But you do seem to be hiding. Are you dashingly handsome? Are you shy? Do you fear Internet predators? Do you have a receding chin? Or did your parents never spring for braces? What exactly is behind that preppy coat collar? We’re all dying to know.

    2. Your blog tag line refers to your noble protagonist ways. Can you be credited with ever saving a human life? (By the way, creating a human life does not count for this one.) If so, please share with us the details. If not, have you ever saved a kitten? A gerbil? Or perhaps you have saved a mom and pop business or a large fortune 1000 company from financial ruin? Or you are saving the planet by becoming a vegetarian and recycling your grocery bags? What exactly can you boast as to redeeming?

    3. We are familiar with your die hard fanship of the White Sox. However, does this mean you are void of affection for the Bears, Bulls and Cubs? And honestly speaking, would you agree that the 1998 National Championship was stolen by the Chicago Bulls from the Utah Jazz due to poor refereeing? And that Karl Malone and John Stockton should be wearing championship rings today? As a fellow Chicagoan speaking to a fellow Utahan do you feel a twinge of guilt at all for this robbery?

    4. What has drawn you to live in the breadbasket of the United States? Are you a farmer’s son? Do you have panache for 85% humidity when it is 93 degrees? Or do you simply prefer perfectly horizontal horizons interrupted only by corn stalks and cows?

    5. Your dating days seem to be more on than off. What is the best pick up line you have ever used? And did it get you a long-lasting relationship? On a related note, what line has elicited a hard slap across your cheek from the intended female conquest? And do you ever mention to your sweet steadies that you maintain a blog? Do you feel this hobby is an asset or a liability to the Dan Mega list of star qualities?

    I appreciate the opportunity to ask these difficult and penetrating questions. Please do not be ashamed to shed a tear or two as you ponder and respond to these thought provoking queries.

  17. David,

    You are a bit excited, no? I think Kim thinks you should ask me to interview you. Clear as mud?

  18. Craver,

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

  19. Bart -
    I think the interview went very well! Thanks!

  20. Pope Terry,

    No that is really stretching one's wings. Wow!

  21. Catmoves,

    Hatch, New Mexico is the place isn't it!

  22. Compulsive,

    Thank you for the welcome. Naked roaming kiddo. Very funny!

  23. Thank you Mrs. Gamble. I'll post the results of our interview soon.

  24. You are my idol. Do you ever think that I will ever get 24 comments on my, so silly little blog? So impressed with your talent, Debbie. Good for you! Keep em coming.

  25. Yup, my kid wandered off too. I was so scared, I had no idea where he was-we were at a friend's house.

    Some lady found him. She asked him where mama was and he led her right back to me! Great sense of direction in a 3 year old!

  26. Debbie - welcome back? Will you be posting again? I miss my lunchtime friend!

  27. You are losing your readership. We need some new content!

  28. If you feel like interviewing someone else I'll give it a crack, thats if your not to busy that is.

  29. I have just returned from the land of Utah... hopefully Debbie will be back at her blogging very soon now that she can have her house and her life back... She has gone from vacationing to having others vacationing at HER house.... Now hopefully a little normalcy can return to her life and ALL of ours as we can go back to our daily dose of uncommon notions!

    David - yes... you! Clear as water?

  30. Joanne,
    Nothing like keeping one blog up for weeks on end. People have no choice but comment on the same blog over and over again!

  31. Eve,

    Who needs a GPS when you've got a 3 year old like that?

  32. Ozlady,
    Sorry to leave you hanging for so long. Thanks for waiting this one out!

  33. Anonymous,

    Who are you? Do I know you?

  34. Ah, Pope, or is it Mr. Terry? I see. Thank you for the invitation to interview you. I look forward to the next few minutes we’ll spend together. Please have a seat. May I get you a drink of water? No? How’s the room temperature? Good. Ummm, do you mind turning off the television? At least turning off the volume? Uh, Pope Terry, I can tell you are reading the closed captions. Thank you. All right, let’s begin.

    1. I’d like to start with what may seem a sensitive subject: your age. You claim the youthful number of 23. Yet, you call all your readers “kids.” Many of us, whether willingly or not, claim a number much higher than 23. Are you truly such a youthful lad? Or simply a Michael Jordan fan trying to masquerade as someone younger than you are? If you are a young sapling, how do you explain your mature voice and vast knowledge on a wide variety of subjects?

    2. A line from your interesting online saga goes, “everyone wants to fit in, no matter where they are.” Where are you finding it the most difficult to fit in right now in your life? Does this bother you? Or do you celebrate this awkwardness?

    3. Taking the liberty to quote one of your more recent posts, “God is to be found not bought.” Where have you most recently or most surprisingly found God?

    4. According to your profile if your people were to make a statue in your honor it would be constructed of pudding. I am wondering if you have thought that through. Pudding by its very essence is lacking in structure. How would your statue take any form at all? And would its form, as poor as it may be, include your infamous pope hat? Also, would that be a blend of chocolate and vanilla puddings, two classic favorites? A beautiful light green pistachio pudding? Or something disgusting such as tapioca?

    5. Finally, do you have a job? I apologize if this sounds abrupt. But you seem to have more than enough time to write long-winded blogs and watch untold hours of television. You travel the world, or at least you claim to have identified the Colonel’s secret recipe while in Texas. You have more than your fair share of favorite bands and seem to have more college majors than anyone I’ve ever known. So I would suspect that leaves no time for gainful employment. Is that a correct assumption? So how do you finance your lifestyle? Are you a trust fund baby? Or do you get by on government welfare? Or are you simply piling up a stack of student loans?

    It has been a riveting few minutes. Thank you for taking time to turn down the television and sit with me. I am the better for it.

  35. Kim,

    It is thanks to you and your love life, that there si finally another blog post on here to read.

  36. Interview posted. please enjoy

  37. Pope Terry,

    Great job on the interview!!


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