Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lentil Lover?

Yesterday DH worked late so I made a vegetarian dish of lentils with carrots, tomatoes, and onions for dinner. To my surprise, later that evening, defiant meat eating DH came in the bedroom and commented on the leftover lentils he had found in the refrigerator. "They were great!" he remarked.

"Sweetie, please lie down. Here, take this cool cloth and place it on your forehead. Do you need an Ibuprofen? Dear, are you sure you are feeling all right?"


  1. That makes me so sad for DH. He truly must have been at the brink of exhaution and hunger to have thought Lentils were 'great'... sufficient... fine... OK - that works... but GREAT?? Poor DH


  2. Hi Debbie,

    Nice to know he was full of beans.

    Lentil, hey? I saw him play in two Wimbledon finals and he got done by Boris Becker in '86 and by Pat Cash in '87.

    Oh no, silly me. That was Ivan LENDL!

    Keep smiling


  3. Kim,

    Yes, poor DH. Poor poor DH. You know he must not be himself.

  4. David,

    Ivan was a great tennis player!

  5. Looks like a fine side dish... needs a good tri-tip steak to make it a meal.

  6. it looks very nice, but that many beans must of produced some erh... unwanted aromas.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    DH makes great tri-tips as you probably already know. I, on the other hand, tend to turn them into charcoal.

  8. Pope Terry,

    It is all in the preparation. My lentils are flatuance free.


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