Saturday, July 28, 2007

Like the Warbling of Birds on the Heather

Ours is a home of love and kindness. Where we oft speak kind words to each other.

Which is why I was so surprised to see the following message glued to D2's bedroom door.

Upon asking her what it says, she replied, as if it were obvious, "Don't come in."

I did not think she was eager for Dot, whoever that may be, to enter her private sancuary. However, I am eager to get her some additional spelling lessons.


  1. Maybe the n't feel off the door? Just stick'n up for D2. Did you call travel agency and make the upgrade reservations? Due Aug 1st. Just a reminder.

  2. Always good to post about the angst of children. LOL

    Wot a teribal time ur dorter mussed be having... all her pairents seem 2 do is larf at her.

    Dot u feal her pane?

  3. I had a do not enter sign. And a no trespassing sign.

  4. I'd be wary of Dot, shes shifty.

  5. In my old house there were two or three walls which had "I HATE THIS HOUSE" scibbled on them.

    I can take credit for one . . . I'm sure that my bro and sister felt the same.

  6. Dot teach her how to spell. Isn't that what spell-check is for?!!

    Some great writers are terrible spellers!

  7. Did she cut out the letters? At least she's creative.

  8. What kind of glue we talking about here... Elmer's?

  9. Joanne,

    I'm sure D2 is glad that there is at least one person onher side!

  10. Ozlady,

    I;m feeling a little guilty now. But we are laughing with her not at her. Right?

  11. David,

    Can I quote you this fall with her elementary school teacher? I think I will.

    They always are concerned about her spelling. But my dad can't spell either. I am sure that is where she gets it.

  12. Jennifer,

    That would be cut out using the Cricut (thanks, Jason and Jackie!). We love the Cricut. Someday maybe we'll even use it to scrapbook like we are supposed to.

  13. Anonymous,

    Most likely it appears to be normal glue stick glue. Unlike the Super Glue that S1 has all over his door.

  14. No need to feel sad. I didn't actually hate the house or the people in it. I was probably about 9yrs old at the time, and it's like that i writ it after gettin in trouble for doing something i knew not to

    : D

  15. As I young child I evidently would say, when the mood struck me (often, I'm told), "DON'T LOOK AT ME, DON'T TALK TO ME, DON'T TOUCH ME."

    I also did THIS.

    I come from a family of five children. My Mother is a saint.

    Kate the Drama Queen of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  16. Kate,

    Such drama! You remind me of S1 who had the most gorgeous hair as a toddler. Strangers could not resist touseling his tresses.

    Finally one day in ZCMI he had enough. He looked up at the most recent admirer and with his pointer finger shaking said clearly, "Don't touch the hair."

    I smiled weakly. What could I say? The four-year old knew what he wanted.

  17. Kate,

    I forgot to compliment you on such a short post!

  18. I agree with David, Good writers are awful spellers. No, Debbie, Roger has nothing to do with D2 spelling. I am afraid , it is me. She gets it from me, I am afraid. Poor thing!

  19. Thank you, Debbie.

    I was proud of my uncharacteristic restraint YET I was being humble (because "humility is next to Godliness if you haven't any cleanliness"). (?)

    I was extraordinarily shy as a young child, too (OUTSIDE of the family circle):

    Read This

    Timidity is like being humble. Or something.

    Clueless Kate of Le monde de Kate de Fromage

  20. Dot is PeeWee's girlfriend in PeeWee's Big Adventure.
    I wouldn't want either of them in my girl.

  21. Joanne,

    Between you and Roger, I guess it's hopeless!

  22. Kate,

    Love reading your blog! And you are the best quote maker upper I've ever seen.

  23. b.-

    Well said. I can tell you are a woman of high morals.

  24. You are too, kind, Madame.

    And you know what they say, "It's nice to be important, but it's better if your kind to the crazy people."

    That's REALLY close, yes? Does that make me a quote maker-upper (a title which delights me, I admit) or a quote bastardizer (I mean that in the sense of "corrupting," naturally).

    Crazy Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

    P.S. I presume you mean my REAL blog (with the address in my signature) as opposed to the scary blog with horrific and depressing thoughts and random obscenities that I really shouldn't publish. BEWARE of the bleu blog. I am not kidding.

  25. Kate,

    I forgot to tell you the rules of my blog. Only I am allowed to swear here.

    For example, "What the heck" and "Oh my gosh". It is not that I want to talk this way, it is simply the easiest way to let people know I'm Mormon.

    Anyway, I must warn you, you are treading on thin ice with the "B" word.

    And honestly it is not so much of the almost-swearing, but more because it is a better title than my own for you, "Your Royal Highness Quote Maker Upper".

  26. I apologize very whole-heartedly for skating on the thin ice of profanity lake (even though, like I tried to explain, the verbal form of the "b" word is not swearing, per se). I certainly meant no disrespect.

    Having gone to high school in Utah Valley (Orem High School, graduating in 1988 oh yes I'm pretty freakin', flippin' old), I have heard my share of "fetch" and "fudge" and "flippin' foul cow-dung butt-ugly" (I hope I remember that one correctly, as it is rather choice, really).

    By the way, I must disagree about my title being better. I think that ANYTHING with royalty in the title gets bonus points right off the bat.

    Incidentally, I carry the title of "Goddess of the Entire Genetic Universe." And speaking of titles, you should take a look at this:

    Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title Generator

    Poshly Yours,
    Her Noble Excellency Kate the Mystical of Throcking in the Hole of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  27. Kate,

    Your skating apology has been accepted.

    Having graduated in 1988 that most likely makes you freakin flippin younger than me.

    Empress Deborah the Abrupt of Lower Wombleshire

  28. Hmmm...
    That link is addicting.

    Truly Yours,
    Her Exalted Highness Duchess Deborah the Talkative of Midhoop St Giggleswich

  29. Tell me about it. One day I sat and generated titles for everyone in my family for ages. I am entirely too amused by such things.

    As far as age, let me just point out life status issues. I may be 37 (and a HALF as people say when they are proud of their age - which means they are approximately six-years-old), but you have a business, a husband (who doesn't live with someone else - TOO MUCH INFORMATION, I know), and five beautiful children (and I don’t mention those things in any particular order, naturally); you have a life in general. I have two Kitten Children and had to move from Salt Lake to live in my parents' basement in Happy Valley for many reasons upon which I will not elaborate.

    I honestly didn't mean that as a "poor me" - "POOR ME" diatribe; I just meant that if you are older than I am you most certainly have accomplished a great deal more at this point.

    Ever so sincerely,
    Her Imperial Majesty Kate the Ebullient of Chignall Smeally

  30. P.S. Any discussion of chronological age (B.R. OR A.R.) is irrelevant because YOU LOOK FIFTEEN (thirteen in the pictures B.R. in New York City).

    Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

  31. Ummm....Kate? Orem high?
    Mountain View Alumni here. And you are younger than I.
    You are my little sister's age.


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