Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

On Memorial Day we picnicked with friends. We were especially tickled to hear about our friend's son Tyler. The day before his mom had refused his request for a can of Coke. When the seven year-old asked, "Why," she simply countered with, "Because you don't need it." He then complained, "But, Mom, caffeine and violence are my two favorite things!"


  1. Ha - a real adult in the making!!!
    [I've been to Salzburg and visited the Von Trapp family home - how dorky is that??]

  2. Ozlady,
    I don't think that is dorky at all. The Sound of Music was a great musical. Visiting Salzburg sounds like an incredible opportunity!

  3. Kids say the best things! My son's 1st grade teacher sent home a weekly newsletter that the kids wrote every week about their week. She ALWAYS included a 'comment' that was made during the week. My favorite part! It would always make me laugh.
    ~youngest sister Kim

  4. Kim,

    Kids are great and I think you've given me an idea for a blog. Thanks!

  5. Caffine and violence?

    I know its only a two part list and he's just a kid but he might want to fix that list up.


    Food and Sex

  6. Ak-man,

    Nice to see you have your priorities so clearly defined. I am guessing you listed those two in order of importance as well.

  7. I like caffeine and violins too.

  8. b.-
    Caffeine and violins, huh? Now there's a combo.


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