Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's All About Me

I spend a lot of time talking about, and even embarrassing, a lot of people on this blog. Well, in response to a tag from Eve, I am going to present you with some little known facts about myself. Even if you think you know me well, you may be surprised at the following list:

1. I spent my childhood summer days daydreaming about being a princess. I envisioned gorgeous gowns in every hue bursting from large gilded wardrobes. I would live in a castle with servants and visit with rulers from around the world. I was very certain, there had been some terrible mistake and I was not really designed to weed the strawberries, shuck corn, snap green beans and can tomato sauce all my life.

2. We did numerous garden chores on summer mornings, but always went to the community swimming pool in the afternoon. I was even on the town's swim team for several years. In all that time, I placed only once. I have the fourth place white ribbon to prove it. Of course, only four girls competed in the 100 Meter Breaststroke that day.

3. It was during Summer Driver's Ed when I was 15, that I almost ran Mr. Whithoff and a few other unlucky passengers off a gravel road. I had apparently garnered too much false confidence in my newly acquired driving ability and took a hair pin turn on a gravel road at a very unsafe speed. Now I know why they have the emergency brakes on the other side of the Driver's Ed car.

4. Shortly after moving from Iowa to Pennsylvania, I won the high school Voice of Democracy speech contest. In so doing, I presented my speech at the District Competition: "A few months ago, my family moved to a new home in a new state. Much like our forefathers who came to this great land, I faced a new life full of uncertainty and opportunity..." Yes, I had intentions of being the first female U.S. President. Now I'm afraid Hillary will beat me to it.

5. I took three years of the highly useful language Hebrew in college. I was going to be a diplomat to Israel someday, or something. I was not blessed with a gift for languages, hence my college transcript boasts 26 credits of 'C's'. Shalom.

6. I lived a very safe life until I met my husband. It was not until after I married DH that I got my first cavity, first speeding ticket and first broken bone.

7. I was a caller on Dr. Laura's Radio Show several years ago. I called in with an extended family concern. She yelled at me, used the 'B' word in reference to me, and told me to mind my own business. But I still listen to Dr. Laura almost every day.

8. One of my life goals was to be on the Jumbo Tron at a Utah Jazz game. I finally accomplished that goal about two years ago. Some photographer fed the mammoth-sized screen a very grainy picture of me sitting up in the nose bleed section, holding a poster that read, "Harpring Is The Court King." I was having a great hair day, but due to the greyed out fuzzy picture, it was to no avail.

Now, I am tagging anyone that wants to be tagged. Post eight little known facts about yourself in your own blog. And hurry, cause I can't wait to read 'em!


  1. Hilary? No competition, girl! You go for it, hell, I'll vote for you!

  2. Hi Deborah and Shrink,

    Hell, yeah. You contest the primaries and Shrink and me, we'll be your campaign managers and ra-ra crew.

    Seriously, I really enjoyed that post.

    And DH tells me that you are really a princess, in the nicest sense of the word.

    Keep smiling


  3. Shrink Wrapped,

    I'm counting on your vote!

  4. David,

    I'm slowly convincing Austraila and England of my Presidential worthiness. But I'm not sure how I'll fare in my own homeland.

    DH only called me a princess because I helped him clean his dumb boat today.


  5. Hi Debbie,

    You can tick off the good citizens of Australia. I've convinced them about your stellar qualities.

    But, here is Life Fact #1. There ain't such a thing as a ``dumb boat''.

    And if DH calls you a princess and you suspect there is a trace of irony, get Shrink on his trail!



  6. David,

    Please see today's post for my feelings about the "dumb boat."


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