Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

When S2 graduated from preschool his teacher presented us with a list of the funny things he had said during the school year. S2's 2001-2002 school year was obviously entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

"The BYU Cougars could beat the Power Rangers in football."

"My neighbor Jesse is The Farting King. His farts are long and loud."

"Bad guys wear handcuffs and live in cages."

"Girls sure don't know much."

"Miss Susie, I didn't come to school last time because I like my mom better than you."

"Is this kind of car called a mustache?" (It was really a Ford Mustang)

"If we don't wear our seat belts on the way to school, the police will come and underest us."

"My dad is very old, he's sixteen."


  1. awwww. All in innocence.
    "I like my mom better than you"


  2. Dear S2,

    Whenever I see a Ford Mustang now, I'll remember you.

    PS: Your Dad and I must be about the same age - 16!



  3. Ozlady-
    Yes, he always knows the right words to say. Especially to his mom.

  4. David,

    S2 has always been interested in cars. He stopped asking me the model of a car when he was five and realized he knew more about cars than I did.

    Sixteen is pushing it a bit doncha think? I like to claim 26 myself.

  5. I like the age when they start using more abstract words like "actually".

  6. Chewy,

    You are so right. "Actually" is such a grown up word and simply adorable coming from anyone younger than five or six.

  7. Underesting sounds interesting.

  8. When I was working over our "Primary" at church (the kids ages 18 months to 12) my favorite mothers day 'present' was to have a question session with the kids about their moms. We'd ask them how old they were, how much they weigh, about their favorite things, etc. We'd get fun answers on weight (400 lbs. 16 lbs.) but one answer I haven't forgotten was a little boy who said his Mom's favorite season is Hunting Season!
    ~YS Kim

  9. Bart,

    Not that I would know from experience, but I doubt 'underesting' is as interesting as it sounds.

  10. Kim,

    I;m sure a mom's favorite season is Hunting Season is not true unless her favorite Mother's Day present is a Ruger Model 44 Carbine hunting rifle.

  11. I think I've heard of that Jesse. That kid's got talent!

  12. Craver,

    You call that talent? I'd call that a curse.

  13. I've been reading through your blog and you are hilarious! Love your take on things. So glad you popped by so I could find you. =)

  14. How smart of that teacher to keep track of these things. I'd have to argue that my husband is actually the Farting King, though :)

    PS - I've moved. My new URL for Snippets and Blabbery is

  15. Kimberly,

    Thank you for stopping by as well!


  16. Abi-

    She was a great preschool teacher with lots of years of practice. Does your husband know that you are telling the whole Internet about his flatulance? My guess is no!


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