Saturday, May 12, 2007

Opposites Overcome

When DH and I were first married, we did not have a "song". I joked that our song was Paula Abdul's, Opposites Attract. We have since snagged a song to call our own that is much more fitting, but there is some merit to claiming the Paula Abdul mildly popular hit instead.

Mostly because we are not the picture perfect couple. DH is tall; I am short. DH is blond; I am brunette. DH has blue eyes; I have brown. DH is athletic; I received only one ribbon (4th place Honorable Mention) in 5 years of swim team. However, our incompatibility goes much deeper than these examples. And we have had the Newlywed Game losing streak to prove it.

Our friends Janna and Father Love (as Troy prefers to be called on this special game night) host an annual Newlywed Game. Every year Janna chooses great questions. At least I think they are great, but they often embarrass Father Love.

Tonight's favorite was: As a player on the field of love, what penalty will your wife say you’re most likely to be called on: •motion in the backfield •rushing (or) •illegal use of hands?

A close second was this inquiry: Exactly how long will your husband say he can go without playing leap frog before his personality starts to change: •hours •days •weeks • months?

I should explain that during part of the game, one of the couples had a young daughter in the room, and so we had to use code words. What I'm really trying to say is, in case you did not already know, "leap frog" does not really mean the childhood vaulting yard game.

Typically DH and I do not fare too well on these or any such questions. Over the years I have come to realize that DH has no idea what color my toothbrush is, nor does he have any clue as to where the craziest place is that we have ever played leap frog. And sadly I don't know what animal DH's mother-in-law reminds him of, nor can I correctly recall the oddest place on his body I have ever seen him shave. And so it has been the running joke that DH and I always come in last or close to it when we play the Newlywed Game.

Well tonight we turned everyone's heads. Not because we did not finish last, and not because we did well. But mostly because we won!! Woo hoo!! That would be as in 1st place! I'd say not bad for a couple of polar opposites.


  1. Crikey, what a fun game! Glad Im not forced to play it, though.. poor hubby has learned from bitter experience, if he's had a haircut, he has to TELL me, ditto as to whether he's home or not (I'll just assume he's in the office/garden) I swear I went a whole day once thinking he was here, until I went to bed, and finally remembered he was in London! He knows I love him to pieces..

  2. Shrink Wrapped,
    Something tells me if DH was in London I would probably notice. Of course, he better not EVER go to London without me as well.

  3. Dear DH,

    That's right, Debbie, this one's not for you (well, not for you directly, so do bring this to DH's attention please).

    DH, mate, you are in what we Aussies call ``deep strife'' here.

    But I see light at the end of the tunnel - and it ain't the express train coming the other way.

    You're tall and Debbie's short? Well, mate, let me tell you a wife's height has nothing to do with it. Even a woman who is only five feet tall can loom as high as the Empire State Building.

    Know what I mean? It's STATURE, not height, that counts!

    Cheers, mate


  4. David,

    DH is all to familiar with "deep strife", although we call it "deep doo-doo".

    Of course, on top of winning the Newlywed Game this year, my Mother's Day breakfast in bed was the cherry on top!


  5. My first trophy was for "most improved"...I can relate to your 4th place ribbon.

  6. SuperMom,
    "Most Improved". Oh, I am so sorry. That is only slightly higher on the prestige scale than "Good Sportsmanship".


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