Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gahanna Police are Punk'd

There has been a bit of a ruckus at the house because of the latest news story to hit the headlines. Originally brought to my attention by David, the news flash has since been confirmed by USA Today and even my own local paper. Apparently someone has succeeded, despite DH's botched attempt in 1985, to place a fiberglass Big Boy statue atop their local high school.

The antic was executed by pranksters in Gahanna, Ohio. I'd say the Gahanna Lincoln High troublemakers are obviously more sly than DH and his buddies to have successfully carried out the caper. DH contends that there is simply less policing done in Someplace, Ohio compared to San Clemente: The Heart of Southern California.

Besides the obvious similarities in the stories, I am perhaps most amused by the statement from Gahanna Police Lt. Jeffrey Spence, in which he suspects this "may" be a prank by seniors. On second thought, DH may have a point about the policing differences between the two towns.

As they clearly need a little jump start, allow me to help out the Gahanna Police Department. While I have no intimate knowledge as to the corny event in their town, this was definitely a prank by seniors.

That narrows the town of 32,636 down to about 275 people. Delete the girls and you are at about 140 students. Cross off the valedictorian and choir president and now you have 138 possible suspects. Nix all the names of students in the computer and physics labs during the next pep rally and there is your list of about 100 likely offenders.

Begin your investigation with the basketball, football and wrestling team captains and anyone with access to a Ford F250 with bolt cutters as well as pulleys and ropes hidden under the backseat.

There. That little tidbit should get the Gahanna Police Department on track. And perhaps they'll even be successful at making sure some poor seniors get criminal records for life.


  1. Debbie,

    you are so smart... I have always admired that about you!


    sorry for the shame of someone else completeing YOUR fantastic prank. Even though you were unsuccessful and only have a criminal record to show for it.. we will always give you the credit!

    ~youngest sister Kim

  2. You eliminated the girls?
    Back when we had Big Boys here, it was a girl's sorority that stole Big Boy and put him in the center of the UNM campus.

  3. You're definitely in the wrong business, girl! Hang up your apron and don a police cap :)

  4. Kim,
    DH will be so happy you have given him the credit he is due.

  5. Christine,

    DH is slow to read my blog. He generally tries to catch up every few days or so. Which allows me to enjoy some laughter at his expense without him even being aware of it for some tmie.

    Today he was busy scoping out Jack Nicholas' latest gold course community during his Internet free time so I'm guessing he has yet to get to my blog.

    I think he is a bit tired of reading about himself. But I have so mch yet to tell you all we've barely scratched the surface.

  6. Catmoves,

    I knew someone was going to give me grief about the eliminating all the girls in one fell swoop. I had second thoughts about it myself. Thanks for keeping the blog honest.

  7. Eve,
    That'd be Lieutenant Colonel Deborah to you. Wow! Nice ring to it, huh? Yep, I'm all about the power.

  8. If it was a Big Girl statue I'd suspect the girls.

  9. Chewy,
    Now that is fool-proof logic right there. Good thinking, and thanks for confirming I was right to ex the females from the list of suspects all along.

  10. Hi Debbie,

    Catmoves got in quick and took my line about prime suspects. But, excuse me, did you say to cross off the choir leader?

    (Splutters with uncontrollable schoolboy mirth)

    Er, nah. Make the choir leader the prime suspect - unless DH has a clone on the campus!

    It is also such a pleasure to read your blog. Congratulations.



  11. David,

    Any self-respecting choir president would never be invovled in an illegal and underhanded activity such as this one.

    Thanks for pointing out this news tidbit!


  12. Just a fyi, get your facts straight. And don't assume you know how everything ends blaming it on sr. boys who are in charge of sports teams. I know the men who did it, and they did it with ease. It was a group of juniors and it's not a hideous crime, deserving of a crimminal record. It was a prank! Do you even know what fun is. I agree with eve...get another job.

  13. well, I know this was over a year ago but I am actually from Gahanna and I got bored tonight and felt like seeing if this prank was still around the place. Never the less I stumbled upon this and actually I found it very funny and I laughed. yes it was a a group of Juniors that did and the eliminating was pretty good, almost dead on beside the fact that there is about 600 in each class at Gahanna and the whole senior thing. It was funny that you guessed wrestlers because half of them were. But, and this is a big but, I was involved in the prank and did not get caught for it. I am in baisically every club including choir and student council and a few more.. but I am happy to see that this got across the nation and made AP Press... we had no idea it would be that wide spread. I still have the picture on my phones backround. I know this was kind of long rant coment but I enjoyed your take and thats a nice school you went too, BYU, I may tranfer there after my mission... oh yea two of the other guys will be going on missions too.


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