Monday, May 7, 2007

Fame and Fortune

A special thanks to McGlinch for today's graphic. I made a request on his blog for one of his doodles and while he has no idea who I am, and has no hope for any type of compensation, he did it! So here is my custom Cinco de Mayo Bajio Dude. Isn't he awesome? That'd be he as in both McGlinch and the Bajio Cinco de Mayo Dude.

Our lives may never be the same. DH was on the news. And no, the local burger joint did not report a missing mascot.

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, DH was laughing it up with a local mid-morning news crew. Showing off some delicious shrimp tacos and tasty green chile chicken salads, we hope all of Utah's taste buds started watering for the fresh fare of Bajio Mexican Grill.

While I should be happy for the free advertising, I can't help but be a bit jealous. After all, DH has become famous. But I am still living in obscurity.

Several years ago, I really thought I had dreamed up an invention that would guarantee us incredible fame, as well as fortune. It was a Saturday night at dinner with our friends when, after securing iron clad promises of secrecy, I first divulged my incredible vision.

I described my idea for a piece of electronics for the television. It would be a computer of sorts, that connects to your TV. Using the remote control, you could access an interactive screen with television programming. Via the guide you could easily select shows to record to the unit's built-in hard drive. Then you could access them at any time from a menu listing all your recorded programs. Pure genius. I know.

But my friends, as well as DH, did not seem overly impressed. They kind of stared at me with confused faces. "What?" I insisted, "Don't you think we'd be rich? It's the best idea ever!"

What followed next was my dinner companions providing me with a brief explanation of a product called TiVo. Honestly, while I can't live without it today, I had never heard of such a thing before that evening.

I guess it's a good thing someone made my brilliant TV recording invention, because now, just in case we don't ever receive a fortune as proof, at least we'll always have the video recording of DH's 15 minutes of fame.


  1. Oh, hon, do you know, that sums up the story of my life? Glad I'm not alone. And as for hubby basking in the limelight, yeah, course you're happy and proud of him. But hell...

    Yup. (Me too!)

  2. Shrink Wrapped,
    It's a drag always being a day late and a dollar short. I also invented PacMan Cereal in elementary school. My faux cereal box read "The Breakfast of Chompians". Yeah, someone made that product too.

  3. The first time I ever saw the original Extreme Makeover with liposuction and boob jobs, I said, "They should have a show like this to makeover peoples' houses!"
    Now they do, of course, but I have nothing to do with it. Sad for me - I know.

  4. You could have been Ty's man (woman) Friday! Bummer.

  5. Love the little cartoon man-too cute :)

    Deb, we mothers/wives/women are always getting overlooked.

    We get noticed when we're pregnant, when the meals aren't made and the dishes aren't washed (and once in a while we are-and it totally shocks us).

    I remember, once, walking by my bedroom mirror and being startled to see myself. I was actually in the house too!!

  6. Hey, Deb! I've Tagged you over at my blog :)

  7. Eve,

    At least we have our children to occassonally notice us. Or, as you said, notice when we aren't around to do our normal tasks.

    Unlike DH when he goes out of town. If he is only going to be gone one or two nights, I don't even bother to tell the kids. They don't even realize he is gone until after he is back!

  8. Eve,

    Tagged, eh? I'll have to work on a response.

  9. In college, as part of my Ad Campaigns class, I created a campaign for a product I dreamed up called "Tracks." Shoes with wheels inside that will the press of a button, popped out so you could skate away. My logo was cool little footprints that turned into wheel marks, and swirled away. Of course, you know, that every kid age 12 and under now has these awesome shoes, and skate on their heels at ridiculous speeds across every store, restaurant and sidewalk. Well, you can thank me for that, because I just know someone ripped off my idea. I've been dreaming of those shoes since I was 6 years old. In fact, that might just be my mother's day present - a pair of boy's size 13 skate shoes! (I have small feet.)

  10. Abi,
    Your product almost sounds better than the actual Heelys! I'm so sorry, you should have been a multi millionaire!

  11. Hi Deborah,

    You, living in obscurity? Er, I don't think so.

    You have this fan club spread around the world. In fact, I just signed up for the annual membership to the Deborah Gamble Fan Club.

    Hope the mascot never comes back to haunt DH,



  12. David,

    You are now part of my official fan club, huh? I guess S1 will do anything these days to turn a buck for his college fund.



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