Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why I Can't Buy Oreos

I bought a package of Oreos yesterday. Such a vacuum of nutrition is a rare treat for our family. They were supposed to be for S1's and D1's sack lunches. (S2 and D2 eat school lunch which is delivered from various local restaurants and the menu sounds so good I wish I could dine in their cafeteria.)

Yesterday after everyone left for school (except D3, of course) at approximately 8:43 AM I purchased the package containing 36 chocolate sandwich cookies. It was not opened until sometime yesterday afternoon when the wolves children came home from school. Today at 4:18 it was completely empty. That is only part of the problem.

The real problem is the fighting discussion that ensued:

S1: Who ate all the Oreos?

D1, S2, and D2 (in perfect unison): Not me!

D1: I only had four. (And then belatedly...) Not counting the three in my lunch today.

S1 (shouting overly defensively): I had none until this afternoon. I didn't even know we had them until today! How come no one told me?

D2: But how many did you eat S2?

S2: How many did you eat? You probably ate them all.

D2: Nuh uh.

S2: You and your friends - I bet you ate a ton.

D2: We did not. We did not eat hardly any. Probably only sixteen.

S1, D1 and S2 (simultaneously): Sixteen!!!

D2: Um, not really. I mean like six or three. Hardly any.


  1. I got the same problem with Fig Newtons. Except I know who ate 'em. Me.

  2. Hey Debbie
    You might not remember me but I'm one of Christines friend we meet at her shower .I was sitting one the other side of her . I've been reading your blogs and just couldn't help myself from commenting today..

    This oreo story is all to familiar at my house.Funny how their all gone and no one ate them..LOL
    Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm a faithful reader...

  3. Bart,

    Fig Newtons? Seriously? You are your own person aren't you! i eman their good and all, but how many could one possibly eat. Oreos on the other hand...

  4. Mandy,

    Hey, hi! I do remember you. I am so glad you are a regular. And don't be so shy, okay?

  5. this is so like the home i grew up in. my husband says that we all have food hoarding issues because we were always afraid that someone else was going to eat all of "it" before we got a chance. we all seem to want the biggest piece in my family, too!

  6. Hide them there to good to let your kids have them anyway

  7. i know who d2's friend is... we will be having a "TALK".
    -The Friend's Father-

  8. Michal,
    I find it difficult to maintain the right balance of enough treats so we don't gobble them when we do get them, and not buying too many treats. Does that even make sense?

  9. Pope Terry,

    Are you saying Oreos are good for the kids? I'm sure your kids will LOVE you!

  10. The Friend's Father -

    Hey hey hey. This was not supposed to get anyone in trouble.

  11. Oreos. Chocolate chips. Ice Cream. The candy bar I bought for someone else's birthday.

    I feel your pain.

    But it's just as well. If it wasn't them it would be me.

  12. Compulsive,

    ...Goldfish crackers, juice boxes, bottles of Propel, Key Lime Yogurt...

  13. I'm starting to picture you walking around with a little tape recorder.

    Oh, yea, that's my friend Miss Virginia who does that. She thinks it's funny to playback the voices at fast & slow speeds... she's just a pain in the "you-know what". LOL!

  14. Sounds like crunch time - literally!

  15. Chewy,

    No tape recorder here. But I've been in a few arguments with DH here one would have come in handy. Why do people never remember things the way I do?

  16. David,

    Really there is not so much crunching actually. More like inhaling and swallowing whole.

  17. Ah yes, I have a teenage son, so I know all about that!


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