Thursday, September 20, 2007

Inventions Take Time

The other day D2 had an earring hanging from a safety pin attached to her top.

"What is that?" I asked.

I must have had a very quizzical look on my face, because without directly answering the question, she looked down at the jewelry and simply explained, "I'm still working on some of my inventions."

I'm working on some "inventions" of my own which is crowding out my blogging time. But I'll try to continue to post and read your blogs as much as I can.


  1. .... and here I've been hanging out for word on how your invention was going!

    ... and it is ....

    a) good
    b) brilliant
    c) stupendous


    Your biggest fan

    David, er, Davy Mac

  2. I use my amazing powers of deduction to deduce your talking about children....

    What is it meant to do, it cant be a time machine theres no flux capacitor... I think i've been watching to much tv.

  3. How I LOVE this invention. I have all this jewelry making paraphernalia that I don't use often enough. Partly because this has caused self-injury.

    With D2's invention I could just take some of the various beads to match that days outfit (pajamas?) and pin it on. Brilliant.

    VENERABLE Crazy Kate!!!
    of the new, blue Le monde de fromage de Kate

    P.S. No WAY! I'm VENERABLE! Not to be confused with “venereal,” please. I’m WORLDS away from “venereal.”

    Thank you most sincerely for the veneration!!! And I had already promoted YOU to “Friends I’ve yet to meet” from “Others” on my blog last night – I knew that was a move that was long overdue, BFF.

  4. David/Davy Mac,

    It's going great! Pretty sure it might not yet be brilliant though...

  5. Pope Terry,

    My "inventions" always include my kids, but this one is beyond my normal nuturing role.

    You are correct, it is missing the flux capacitor. And she wasn't wearing a red puffy vest either.

  6. Kate,

    D2 is such a trendsetter. First it was wearing pajama bottoms under nightgowns. Now this!

  7. I too am excited about your invention!!! I am a bigger fan than the Aussie!!!
    - Christine

  8. That photo reminds me of a story I heard about a quilter who had a masectomy and then discovered her prosthesis made a handy pincushion.

    Well, one day the mailman interrupted her latest project and she answered the door without thinking about how startling her appearance might be to someone who didn't realize she was wearing a "falsie."

    Imagining what must have gone through the mailman's mind still makes me giggle.

    Good luck on your inventions--I can't wait to see them unveiled.

  9. Christine -
    I don't know if it is possible for anyone to be a bigger fan than David. But since you are family, I suppose I'll let you have the title.

  10. Compulsive - Can I just call you c-dub like b.?

    I think I've heard that tale as well. Very funny!

    But since D2's are real - she is very careful with all sharp pins.

  11. b.,
    Oh my gosh no! If you had any clue about my life you'd just die. However, in rereading everything including Pope Terry's comment - I can see where someone might think that. If they also believed I was cliunically insane anyway.
    The plan is that D3 will be the baby. Of course that was the plan with D2...

  12. It would be really cool if all the girls started wearing the earring pins... because what do you do with one when you lose the other? Such a logical invention.

  13. Chewy,

    Great idea. Maybe D2's invention is further along than she realizes.


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