Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Skirting the Issue

Armed with a gift certificate from my friend Mindy, I hit the Ann Taylor Summer Sale. I brought this darling stretch twill skirt, but since I am not 5' 10" and 102 pounds it looks slightly different on me.

Nonetheless, I like it. So I wore it to church Sunday.

That evening we went to dinner at my parents' house. Shortly after arriving, my fashion oblivious father donned in a checkered western- cut shirt from Shephlers which was unbutton at the neck one too many buttons, commented, "Did you get a new skirt?"

"Er, yeah. I can't believe you noticed."

"Well of course I'd notice! You haven't worn anything that stylish in years."

Was that a compliment? Either way it is certain his head injury from 2004 is much more serious than we originally thought.


  1. Ah, your Dad is a perceptive man, as all fathers of daughters must be (just ask DH and me).

    He just KNEW it was a good look. Dads notice, but they don't always enunciate it in the most flattering way!

  2. how is it that parents have a way of complimenting you while inadvertently making you question what you believed to be true? for years after i got a haircut, my mom would suddenly gush about how much she liked the previous one.

  3. If I might ask, how tall are you? MY WIFE has the "problem" of being 5' 1", so dresses or skirts shown as above the knee on models sometimes come in at mid-shin for her.

  4. Has he been thumbing through magazines in the grocery check-out line?

  5. David,

    Maybe you are right. I just never knew he ever noticed!?

  6. Michal,

    Oh, no! Last time (and the only time) I saw you I thought your hair looked great!

  7. Suldog,

    I am 5'3 and 3/4". Thank you for not asking my weight. (What a relief!) This skirt on me comes to my knees which is great. Now, to my shins - would not be such great look. I suspect you spend a fair amount of time shopping in the petite section.

  8. Chewy,

    Dad rarely goes grocery shopping. But he loves Walmart. Walmart is his standard for style as well as price. Maybe he saw a similar skirt there. Oh no!

  9. I love the skirt!! So cute... Was it a good sale?

  10. So cute. Stacy and Clinton would very much approve.

    They would not, however, approve (IN THEORY) with my propensity to hide my legs at all costs. I'm relatively tall, and my height is ALL in my legs, I swear, so this isn't an easy endeavor. However, I believe that if they SAW my legs (I have a title associated therewith, remember) they would approve muumuus for me.

    Style Muumuu Guru?
    Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

  11. I have a standing rule...if I do something, generally fashion or personal style wise, and my mother hates it, that probably means it's awesome. I don't do this out of spite, not at all, but I noticed the trend years ago. It first started when I began to wear facial hair in my late teens, and she poopoo'ed it. Meanwhile everyone else was like, "oh, that looks good on you." I've been told by multiple people that I'm one of those guys that can pull it off without looking silly. So take that, ma.

  12. Bart took the words right outta my mouth.

    My mother, 2 years ago, asked me if Starter jackets were still in style.

    I laughed heartily.

  13. debbie,
    i miss your posts. i'm sure that you're busy with real life these days, but just know that you are missed.

  14. Deborah:

    Just wanted to say "Thank You!" for the link love, and let you know that it has been reciprocated.


  15. Kim,
    It was a great sale!!! You should check it out.

  16. Kate,

    I am certain I cannot picture you in a muumu. You have far to great of a mind to let Stacy and Hillary set your standards for fashion sense.

  17. Bart,

    You are devilsh - If Mom says No it's a Yes!

  18. Dan and Bart,

    You're breaking my motherly heart.

  19. Michal,

    I miss it too. I'm trying to figure out how to do it all!

  20. Suldog,

    You're the best - I noticed the link - thanks!


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