Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chivalric Burping

D2 was talking at the kitchen bar this afternoon and recited the following encounter:

"I was walking up the stairs while Hutch was walking down.
Just as he walked past me he burped.
I said, 'Eeeeew!'
And then Hutch said, 'Excuse me.'
Now there's a man that knows how to respect a woman!"


  1. it's funny what kind of ideas kids get for what respect means. after reading several posts on D2, i understand how she was dubbed "the funniest thing to walk the planet since arnold from different strokes."
    keep laughing!

  2. Yes he definetly seems quite the gentleman....

  3. Michal,

    She is a kick - I keep thinking she'll grow up and grow out of the funny stage, but it hasn't happened yet!

  4. Pope,

    Can you tell she's got the hots for him as well? Hutch, what a babe!

  5. The more I hear about your family, the more I like 'em all!

  6. David,

    We are quite the chivalrous crew. Or at least we recognize it when we see it.

  7. I think she's on to something.

    We must be honest: If you live with a man for more than - oh - ten minutes you find that excusing himself after a variety of bodily noises is not considered a priority.

    Yes, I know there are always exceptions to these rules. Nevertheless, I believe that the blatant belchers are in the majority.

    **Sigh** Some of the things you learn by your late thirties are a little sad,
    Occasionally Sage Kate,
    of Le monde de fromage de Kate

  8. Kate,

    Blatant Blechers - you are the Alliteration Queen! Hey, a new title!


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