Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Time to Sudoku

I was sitting at my desk and realized this very instant that I have not done a Sudoku puzzle for at least four days. Not one!

I knew I was busy, but Holy Cajoly!


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Let me see, you keep DH in line, you look after five kids, you do the myriad things it takes to keep a household running, you write a blog, you're writing a book - AND you find time to read half my novel in one day? I salute you, Superwoman .....

    Keep smiling


  2. oh I LOVE sudoku!! It is my favorite. Although I must admit that it takes me forever to do one and then when I see that it is categorized as "easy"...I feel kinda dumb. But oh well. My husband keeps a sudoku book in the bathroom for you know....when he is in there and stuff....I keep him stocked with the books by buying them in large quantities at the dollar store. It's fun!!

  3. David,

    I must confess that I actually received your book several days ago. But since keeping DH in line in and of itself is more than a full time job, I'm still Superwoman!

  4. Pezlady,

    I am hoping for a universal coding system as some difficult puzzles are easy and some medium puzzles are, well puzzling!

  5. I thought the Sudoko fad had fizzled out.

    What other cool puzzle games are out there?

  6. Sudoku is for the devil. Like the foosball.

  7. Ak-man,

    Once again I am not surprsied that I jumped on a bandwagon that long since has left the station.

    Oh well!

  8. Bart,

    I think I agree. If I can solve a Sudoku, it's boring. So I try to solve the "Evil" ones and despite my knowlegde of naked pairs, pointing pairs, naked triples and quads, I'm still stuck. And since I don't understand the more complicated Sudoku strtegies, I am more than frustrated.

  9. I only just jumped on the 'Heroes' bandwagon . . . Similar to you in that sense.

    Maybe I just like being difficult?

  10. Ak-man,

    I am the only one in my family that doesn't watch Heroes. DH and all the kids love it!


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