Monday, March 2, 2009

Folks, it Doesn't Get Much Worse Than This

This afternoon my cell phone rang.

"Hello, Tonia!" I answered my neighbor's call energetically, after noticing the caller id.

"Mom, it's me, "D2 clarified.

"Why are you calling?" I asked.

"D3's ears are hurting her. I think it is because you never clean them and now they are all dirty inside."

"Ok, I'll come right home," I promised, as I began to wonder what my neighbor thinks about babies with dirty ears.

"And why are you calling me from Tonia's house anyway," I mistakenly inquired before she had a chance to hang up.

"You never paid our phone bill, so all our cell phones were shut off today," she shouted, although no one ever has any trouble hearing her at her normal volume.

"All right then. Thanks, Sweetie," I mumbled as I pushed the receiver closer to my ear hoping no one around me could hear her.

"So you're coming home? And you are going to look at D3's dirty ears?"

"Yes. Love."

"And you'll pay the phone bill and get our phones turned back on?" she repeated.

"Of course, Sweetie," I replied.

Then I listened to D2 hang up. I imagined my neighbor kindly smiling as D2 handed the borrowed phone (one with a paid-up bill) back to her and then I expect she gently walked D2 and her little sister with the dirty ears to the her front door, all the while full of pity for the neglected little ones.


  1. I'm thinking that Tonia was probably chuckling a little too. :)

  2. DB -
    I haven't had a chance to ask her about it. Although I should say something pretty quick. She may be taking up a neighborhood collection to pay for our phone bill and Q-Tips, if I don't quickly set the record straight.

  3. sometimes i think that our kids stay up at night thinking of ways they can humiliate us in front of our peers. other times, i just think it comes naturally.

  4. If they manufactured cell phones with built-in Q-Tips, this sort of thing would often be avoided!

  5. Yup, I'm a parent too!

    (And I'm all ears!!)

  6. isnt that what ear phones are for?well duh!

  7. Oh yes, those sweet little neglegted brats! *lol*

    My son once asked "Mom, why are you always cooking the same meal when we have guests?" - right in front of our parish priest, who was ready to dig into my perfect wild salmon dish.

  8. Congratulations on winning a spot on David's Authorblog POD list! :-)
    (Relieving embarrassing moments does take a toll on my ability to concentrate!)

  9. Never a dull word spoken from the kids. They know how to embarrass us and they always get away with it!! Nice post!

    CJ xx

  10. :)
    How the kids manage to embarrass us!
    Good one, I came via David's. Congrats!

  11. Great post. It brought back all the memories of the times my 2 Ds embarassed me. Now they are grown up.
    I m over from POTD. Congratulations..!!

  12. Oh, how I know this feeling. :-)

    Congratulations on POTD!

  13. I have no kids yet, but I've been an embarassing D alright! Congrats on the post of the day nomination.

  14. I come with word from the land of D's. You too have the power to humiliate. It is your last weapon. Use it well.
    Enjoyed your post, keep em coming!!

  15. That just makes me feel so good ~ I always thought when I found myself in these postions it was the woes of a single parent ~ but now I know it is the woes of a WORKING mom!! That made me laugh out loud this morning!! Thanks!!


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