Friday, March 20, 2009

A Picture's Worth Three Words

One of my necklaces has a photo holder charm, inside of which I have a small picture of DH. The photo was taken on vacation, and with his relaxed face framed with an uncommon-for-him and slightly sexy goatee, the picture has become one of my favorites.

Tonight when I leaned over to zip D3's pajamas, she spotted the necklace and shouted in surprise,

"Is that Dad?"

"Yes," I confirmed, "Isn't he cute?"

"No!" she exclaimed while looking at me like I had just suggested she drive the car.

"I'm cute," she emphatically corrected.


  1. lol. she knows who's cute in your family, doesn't she? as i sit here chuckling over this, my 2 year old daughter is begging to know what's so funny. she wouldn't get it.:)

  2. Since I have the same picture hanging from a necklace that I rarely take off, I must agree, He is cute.

  3. Michal,
    I bet you little one is a cuties too!

  4. Joanne,
    There's not much we don't agree on is there?


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