Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taken Out of ConTEXT?

Technology allows me to stay connected with my adorable children. Even when I don't really care to. I was about to clear my text messages on my cell and thought I'd share the following REAL, untouched examples of the tender messages my children have recently texted to me. Motherhood is so rewarding.


Mom i don't think i should be grounded just cause i didn't wash my hair...don't you agree...were you ever grounded cause you didn't wash your hair?

Mom my belly button hurts jessica said there could be an infection in there

I forgot to do my homework

(sent to me by D2, when she clearly meant to send it to her best friend)
do you wanna talk bout boys
Mom that was a joke
Ha lol
Mom it was a joke say something

(sent to me while I was two rooms away at bed time)
Mom (D1) has her light on and wont turn it off

(sent when a package arrived in the mail at Christmas time)
Mom my Ugg boots came Can I open them?

(sent after I failed to immediately respond to a text message)
See you dont care about my life do you well good nite person hoo does not care :(

Mom will you for once answer your phone

(sent to me after someone didn't like what I served for dinner)
Can i have 5 dollars and go get myself a chicken bowl


  1. LOL!!!!!!!! OMG!
    Have a great weekend, "person hoo does not care"!!

  2. Helena,
    We are paintind D1's bedroom this weekend so I think it will be lovely.
    Person hoo actually does care. A lot.

  3. I love how my kids who are in other parts of the house text me instead of coming to talk with me. Since it's such a great challenge to walk to another part of the home.

    On the non-sarcastic side it has been great to reach out to our children by text to see how they are doing especially when they are out with their friends.

  4. my favorite is the infected belly button. as usual, your children crack me up.

  5. That's hilarious. My kids (one adult and one almost-adult) have cell phones but I don't. If only I knew what I was missing. :)

  6. j & j-
    Texting in the house is not my most favorite thing either.

  7. M-
    Does there sound like anything worse than that???

  8. I don't have a cell, either. Never have, never will. I have enough to occupy my senses without a phone to answer 24/7.

  9. will you put a "subscribe to" gaget on your blog- otherwise I dont' know how to subscribe- and I don't know when you blog.


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