Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Official: I'm a Dealer

Politically speaking I am more of a Republican than anything. However, I'm not as Republican as some since I actually do care about the environment. And I'm not a huge NRA activist. In fact, while I understand the right to bear arms was a fundamental liberty once-upon-a-time, I am not so fond of guns or their accouterments. I don't care to see, touch or hear them.

So you might be able to imagine my surprise when my father-in-law brought an old circa 1965 US military ammunition box to my home for Sunday dinner. But, as is typical for George, the surprises did not stop there.

"Hey, Deb," he called out as he was leaving for the evening, "Can you give that ammo box to Steve at work on Monday."

I like my brother-in-law (aka my co-worker) Steve and am happy to facilitate family errands, so naturally I replied, "Of course."

"Your employer shouldn't mind too much, right," he stated more than asked.

"I don't think Security is going to stop me over an ammo box," I said, suddenly doubting it myself, "It's not like there is really ammunition in there."

George looked at me in silence.

"There isn't ammunition in that box. Is there?" I asked.

"Well sure, some," he admitted, and then turned around and walked out my front door.

I am not experienced in dealing arms. So the next day I called my brother-in-law at work from a phone in an empty conference room. I asked him to meet me at my car, because I had a very important package for him.

Is that how you deal in contraband? Hope so.


  1. Yes you don't want to bring ammo in a box into your place of work. Your place of work has a COBE and this is against the COBE.

    Your transaction reminded me of the In Living Color show...The Home Boy s Shopping network... I'm sure big D remembers this show.

    Home Boys Shopping Network

  2. Does COBE extend to the parking lot?

    Ooops! I'm busted!

  3. Maybe you should have a fake name on your blog.

  4. Christine,

    Oh, don't worry. Debbie Gamble is my fake name. My real name is Anita Bath, and my maiden name is Amanda Huggenkiss.

    Debbie (AKA Anita) (AKA Amanda)

  5. HI!
    Are you back??

    If you still work at the place I think you do....I know security...and he prolly wouldn't stop you. Hmmm....he might....and probably confiscate it for his own stash.
    (IF you work at the place I think you do, if not...hit delete)

  6. b-
    I work at a big 'ol tall building in Provo that is famouse for laying off 20-30% of its work force on a fairly regular basis. So.... do you know where I work?

  7. Yup, I know where you work. I also know somebody in security who has a "thing" for guns and ammo.

    You may or may not have mentioned his name in the post.

  8. b.,

    I know him too! No way! I invited him to participate on a project last winter. So we spent a few days in boring meetings together. Cool!


  9. He is married to my Hoss' sister.

    I adore him.

  10. b-
    No way. Crazy small world. Can I talk to him about this?

  11. Absolutely!
    His wife was one of my first readers and is very supportive of my writing (which is really great because I really adore and admire her!)

    And 'S' and I, well, we've a special bond...we're the outlaws!


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